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2013 NFL Draft: Trading partners for the KC Chiefs

Nick Jacobs is a producer for Time Warner Cable Metro Sports. Follow Nick on Twitter @Jacobs71.

G. Newman Lowrance

This is my follow up to the smash hit first round NFL mock draft. It has gone platinum in one day. Many of you brought up a great point yesterday: the Chiefs just weren't getting enough in trade value from my mock prediction.

The Chiefs 1st overall pick is valued at 3,000 points. The Jaguars at the 2nd spot is valued at 2,600. In just one spot there is 400-point drop off. That difference is the value of a late 2nd round pick. So lets look at the four trading partners I felt fit the situation.

Trading Partner No. 1: Philadelphia Eagles
1st Round (4) = 1,800 points
2nd Round (35) = 550 points
3rd Round (67) = 255 points
4th Round (101) = 96 points
Total = 2,700 Points

If I'm the Eagles, no way am I giving you my top four picks to move up three spots.

Trading Partner No. 2: Arizona Cardinals
1st Round (7) = 1,500 points
2nd Round (38) = 520 points
3rd Round (69) = 245 points
Total = 2,265 points

I don't see Arizona giving up their top three picks, maybe 1st, 2nd and a high 2014 but not all three.

Trading Partner No. 3: New York Jets
1st Round (9) = 1,350 points
2nd Round (39) = 510 points
3rd Round (72) = 230 points
4th Round (106) = 82 points
Total = 2,172 points

The only way I see the Jets being able to swing the trade is if they get the Bucs 13th overall pick for Revis. They could then give KC the 9th overall, 13th overall and a 2nd rounder to meet the 3,000 points.

Trading Partner No. 4: Miami Dolphins
1st Round (12) = 1,200 points
2nd Round (42) = 480 points
2nd Round (54) = 360 points
3rd Round (77) = 205 points
3rd Round (82) = 180 points
4th Round (111) = 72 points
Total = 2,497 points

No way are the Dolphins giving up all of that just for the top tackle. They could rebuild their team with all of those picks.

Now is the Jimmy Johnson point system outdated with the new rookie wage scale? Sure, because it is a couple decades old at this point. It still can be used as a reference point to show how much you may potentially give up or get in a trade. It all comes down to the team in the end. There is no Clowney, Luck or RGIII at the top of this draft to demand a king's ransom. The Chiefs will likely have to take less, or a team will have to throw in some high 2014 picks.

With so much value in rounds 2 and 3 this year, I don't see many teams offering much to trade up for the number one spot.

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