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The top 10 signs Andy Reid and John Dorsey are spending too much time together

You should read everything Sam Mellinger writes about the Kansas City Chiefs but especially ones that include excellent quotes from Andy Reid.


Speaking to a group of sponsors yesterday, Reid said:

"Me and Dorse, our wives aren't here yet, so we're around each other all the time. It's like college. Well, not really like college."

Well then. Let's do this...

The top 10 signs Reid and Dorsey are actually college roommates, and they're spending way too much time together:

1. Andy hasn't worn a belt in 6 weeks. He prefers sweatpants.

2. John hasn't woken up before noon since February.

3. Andy beats John in every game of Madden because he still plays with Vick.

4. John hasn't gone into the office in 4 days because a Cops marathon was on.

5. Andy writes his game plans from dollar beer night at the Broooksider on Thursdays.

6. The only furniture in their house is a ping pong table.

7. They missed a scouting trip because John's parents needed their Volvo back.

8. Andy has written "Wash me" in the dirt on the back of said Volvo.

9. After paying bills regularly for over 30 years, both have stopped completely.

10. Their cable package: all of it, all the channels, and all stolen from a neighbor.

Bonus: Alex Smith is their neighbor!

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