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2013 NFL Draft: Oregon's John Boyett works out for teams, including the KC Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs continue checking out 2013 NFL Draft prospects. On Wednesday they attended the pro day for Oregon football's John Boyett, a safety who was one of the leaders of their team before going down with an injury last September.

Jonathan Ferrey

The Kansas City Chiefs secondary is going to be very interesting this year because of all the changes we'll see. In is Dunta Robinson and Sean Smith, who are both competing for a starting job and could both be on the field at the same time. But is that the only change in the secondary?

Focus on Kendrick Lewis's spot. He has an injury history so there's a little concern there. He's terrific value as a fifth round pick but of course you're always looking at where you can upgrade, or where you need some solid backups.

Boyett speaks after pro day

That brings us to this: Oregon safety John Boyett worked out for NFL teams, including the Chiefs, at a pro day on Wednesday. The Chiefs already went to an Oregon pro day, sending their entire defensive staff to Eugene last month. But Boyett is coming off an injury and hadn't been cleared at that point. He missed all but one game last season due to surgery on both knees to repair partial tears of both patellar tendons.

As discussed in this video here, there is no good way to project how a particular player is going to return from injury and even looking at historical comparisons may not be helpful. Some take a long time to do it. Others are freaks of nature like Adrian Peterson. You just don't know.

Boyett is considered a late round pick (via NFL Draft Scout) if he's be drafted at all given his injury. Worth the risk? Oregon fans would probably say yes. They really, really like this guy. Here's what our Oregon blog, Addicted To Quack (which is just a terrific name), said about Boyett when he went down last September: "Boyett has been a leader on the defense for three years, and he will be sorely missed, not only for his on-the-field production, but because he played with a fearlessness and tenacity not seen often."

Kendrick Lewis remains the best option for the Chiefs at this point. Tysyn Hartman has some experience. I don't know much about Jose Gumbs, who was added last December. Husain Abdullah is just a guy (JAG) until proven otherwise after a year off. The odds are against the Chiefs finding a starter late in the draft or as an undrafted free agent. It happens, but you wouldn't want to count on it.

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