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What did the Kansas City Chiefs do on day 1 of their offseason program?

The Kansas City Chiefs started their offseason program today. Everyone but left tackle Branden Albert showed up. So, what did the rest of the Chiefs do today?

Jamie Squire

The Kansas City Chiefs have entered phase one of their 2013 offseason program, which means they're talking to the coaches about actual football-related things (yay!) and getting some strength and conditioning in. Those are the two big bucket items that new Chiefs head coach Andy Reid talked about with the media following Monday's session.

"You want to start off with the base fundamentals of the philosophy that you're going to establish with the team, so that's what we did today, we focused in on that," Reid said, via the Chiefs website. "Offensively, defensively and special teams-wise, the coaches did the same thing there, establishing a base philosophy."

For those of you hoping the Chiefs new head coach would be more open regarding details of the team, think again. We've heard Reid for a few weeks now and while hearing from someone new has been exciting, we're starting to dig into some actual football. And it sounds like Reid will be an awful lot like the other 31 head coaches in the NFL by saying a lot without giving many actual details about his team.

"We really didn't go over plays today," Reid continued. "That's not what we did. We mainly went over philosophy for the offense, we talked about formations, motions and shifts. The protections that lead up to being able to put in the actual play. You only have them for a few hours so tomorrow we'll start on the plays. It gives the players an opportunity to take their books home and then they can look at the next day, stay a day in advance in their playbook of the plays that will go in."

Reid said the Chiefs players approached the first day with an "aggressive, workman-like attitude". I suppose that's better than being lethargic, no?

Here's another video with a few Chiefs players, including Dwayne Bowe, speaking to the media. And the KC Star has a wrap-up and a piece on Bowe that is, well, classic Bowe.

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