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Chiefs have shown interest in Sheldon Richardson, according to Sheldon Richardson

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What about a defensive tackle? Missouri's Sheldon Richardson, who will be a first round pick in the 2013 NFL Draft, says he has drawn interest from the Kansas City Chiefs.

Kansas City Chiefs fans did not agree with a recent 2013 NFL mock draft that had Missouri's Sheldon Richardson going No. 1 overall. Not that he's a bad player, but that seems high. Nevertheless, Richardson believes he should be a candidate for the No. 1 pick. He also has a few other things to say.

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Most importantly!

Richardson would be a defensive end in the Kansas City Chiefs 3-4 defense, a position at which the Chiefs could have a need depending on the future of Glenn Dorsey, who is scheduled to hit free agency on March 12. Even if Dorsey comes back, the Chiefs could have a need at defensive end. Tyson Jackson took a pay cut so he'll stick around but only for one more season. That plus we don't know what a new deal for Dorsey could look like -- short-term or long-term?

Richardson would have to surpass Florida's Sharrif Floyd and Utah's Star Lotulelei as the top defensive tackle.