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Kansas City Chiefs cut Eric Winston approval poll

The Kansas City Chiefs cut Eric Winston, one of the big surprises of the offseason. Let us know in the poll below whether this was a good or bad move by the new Chiefs regime.

Donald Miralle

Cutting Eric Winston. I didn't see this coming. We knew surprises were coming with the new Kansas City Chiefs regime but I didn't think this would be the surprise. This changes a lot of things for the Chiefs, most notably free agency and the 2013 NFL Draft but we don't know how it changes things. You can't cut a big time right tackle and not expect to have major follow-up to that in the draft or free agency.

And we don't know why the release came about. Was it money related? Was there an injury we don't know about? Is there more to the story? Hopefully we hear from the Chiefs at some point about Winston's release because I don't know their reasoning behind the move. I'm not quite ready to completely bash the move until I understand what their thought process was. So, the Chiefs perspective on all of this will have to wait. Maybe this will all make sense after free agency and/or the draft.

I don't see how this makes the Chiefs a better team.

As for my perspective ... the bottom line is this: I don't see how this makes the Chiefs a better team. At least not right now. I do not think the Chiefs are going to find a better right tackle than Eric Winston in 2013 and not at the price the Chiefs were paying Winston which, in my limited knowledge of contracts and the salary cap, did not seem like a prohibitive contract. I just don't see how this makes the Chiefs a better team, how it makes them more talented and better prepared for 2013 and beyond.

All the Chiefs' actions up to this point tell us they don't see this as a rebuilding team. Then this move ... well, I don't know what this is.

Now for your perspective. Yay or nay on cutting Winston? Vote in the poll below.

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