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Chiefs have 'options' in 2013 NFL Draft but John Dorsey won't 'tip his hand'

Kansas City Chiefs GM John Dorsey spoke with Kevin Kietzman on 810 WHB this afternoon, touching on the 2013 NFL Draft, free agency and lots more. Oh, and Dwayne Bowe's new deal and Branden Albert's franchise tag.


While most of us were left stunned as the Chiefs completed five-year contracts with Dwayne Bowe and Dustin Colquitt, and then used the franchise tag on Branden Albert all in a span of just a few minutes on Monday.

It seems like Chiefs GM John Dorsey wasn't that surprised. The way Dorsey tells it, the Chiefs had a plan, and they executed that plan. Simple!

"It was a very active and busy day," Dorsey told Kevin Kietzman on 810 WHB on Tuesday evening. "As I said earlier on, we had a plan and we were going to execute this plan. And part of this plan was, this is the first phase of the plan, and that was to take care of those players who we thought could help us. And we thought these players could help us as we forge ahead here for 2013."

Phase one of the plan is over.

Dorsey met with Bowe shortly before his interview on 810. After talking with him for 20 minutes, Dorsey said Bowe was a "very engaging kid" and that he is "ready to take that position of being one of the top receivers" in the NFL. "He's excited about where he is," Dorsey continued, "which he should be. And I told him we're excited to have him, too."

It sure does sound good.

"I look forward to having [Bowe] in a Kansas City Chiefs uniform for a very long time." -John Dorsey

As for Albert, Dorsey talked about how difficult it would be to sign a player to a long-term deal after using the franchise tag on him. "I don't think it's tricky," Dorsey said. He says it comes down to honesty between both sides and that he will do what's best for the Chiefs organization.

Dorsey said that he has talked with Albert's rep and he planned to speak with Albert later this week.

Dorsey seems a lot like you and I. I saw all these Chiefs moves and one of my first thoughts was, "They can do anything with the No. 1 pick. Anything!" The Chiefs GM would agree. He called it "great flexibility" in both the draft and free agency. If you think that's a ploy to get other teams interested in the Chiefs No. 1 pick ... well, you're probably right.

"There have been some discussions with some teams [about trading the No. 1 pick] but usually those thing do not solidify themselves until it gets closer to the actual day itself. There have been conversations and there will be ongoing conversations."

"There have been some discussions [about trading the No. 1 pick]..." -Dorsey

Dorsey said any trade would have to be "fair and it's gotta be a situation where both parties can benefit from something like that. And that's the only way it goes down."

He flat-out said that he wasn't telling Kietzman some things because he didn't want to tip his hand. In fact, he said Chiefs fans should realize that he's not trying to skirt the questions, but that he's "not trying to tip his hand" about the draft.

But even without tipping his hand, could he say the Chiefs will NOT take a quarterback?

"You never rule anything out when it comes to drafting." He also gave us the 'ol "never say never" line, which he used on Matt Cassel's future a while back.

"Now we go in a myriad of directions in types of players we want to address in free agency and the draft. We can fill a lot of holes in a lot of different areas while laying out that first part of the plan and part of the plan was giving ourselves these types of options."

Options. Lots of 'em.

Dorsey said while they have identified a crop of players they like for the top pick, their board is "fluid" until a few days before the draft.

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