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Tyson Jackson restructures contract, will remain with Chiefs, according to report

Tyson Jackson has restructured his contract that will allow him to stay with the Kansas City Chiefs, according to a report from ESPN. This is good news for the Chiefs 3-4 defense.


Here we go, the Tyson Jackson verdict is in:

Everyone knew Tyson Jackson had two options: take a pay cut or get cut. Jackson's cap hit was enormous -- $17+ million -- and we knew the Chiefs would not keep him at that number. No word on exact numbers but I will be very curious to see what the new contract looks like because there is the possibility of some serious cap savings.

Jackson isn't a world-beater, no. But he's a starting defensive end for the Chiefs. You don't want to enter free agency needing to fill two starting defensive end spots (with Glenn Dorsey leaving). Jackson's return means there's one less hole there.

Now there's one gaping hole at the other defensive end spot. And the Chiefs draft board is wide open. Hmm.


Now for a real update: Via ESPN, Tyson can make up to $5.2 million on his new deal. Depending on the structure of that, and the cap number, this looks like major savings for the Chiefs.

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