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Get off your seat and applaud the Kansas City Chiefs

John Dorsey came into America's barbecue capital and roasted the rest of the NFL on Monday.


Can you feel it? Yeah? Me too. Those are the winds of change blowing through Arrowhead Stadium.

The Kansas City Chiefs finally did something the fans can all be unified and happy about by locking up wide receiver Dwayne Bowe and punter Dustin Colquitt to five-year contracts each while placing the franchise tag on left tackle Branden Albert.

General manager John Dorsey stepped up and took control on Monday, showing that he had been working hard for weeks behind the scenes, setting the stage for two critical contracts.

Make absolutely no mistake, Dorsey got the job done here. Bowe could have found the same five-year, $56 million deal elsewhere, but stayed in Kansas City. I'm on record as saying the Chiefs may have overpaid for quarterback Alex Smith, but if that trade helped keep Bowe in town, that second round pick was spent beautifully.

This regime has sent a message loud and clear: if you can play, you get paid, position be damned.

If you can play, you get paid.

Without Bowe, this team has no chance. Every defense would continue to stack eight in the box to stop Jamaal Charles knowing Kansas City had no legitimate outside weapon. With Bowe in tow and Smith throwing the ball in Andy Reid's offense, every skill player on the Chiefs offense just improved.

Before we all move on from what Mr. Thorman is calling Red Monday, let's pause to applaud Dorsey for retaining Colquitt. Coming into a situation like this, it would have been easy for Dorsey to let our star punter slip through the cracks as he tried to keep Bowe, trade for Smith, and prepare for the draft.

That didn't happen. Dorsey did his job and showed why the Chiefs may have a future with this man in charge.

Colquitt is now the highest-paid punter in NFL history and deservedly so. He's not overpaid by one penny, he changes the game with regards to field position every time he booms another bomb 55 yards in the air, leaving no time for returns.

Keeping Albert is even more impactful that some realize. Despite having ups and downs early in his career, Albert has been one of the best at his position in recent years but also had a back issue, giving the Chiefs pause on whether or not to give him a long-term deal. Tagging him was smart, let's see how the back holds up in 2013.

By holding onto Albert's services, Kansas City now has a bevy of options at the No. 1 overall pick. Let's be real, no matter what anybody says to stir the pot, drafting a tackle is out of the question. No team in history has ever taken the top pick in the draft and used it on a backup. Those men come in to play, immediately.

My money is on Dee Milliner, the cornerback for the national champion Alabama Crimson Tide. Milliner is a big, physical corner who plays in the toughest conference in college football. Alongside Brandon Flowers, Milliner would give the Chiefs two very good corners again.

Dorsey still has free agency and the draft to take care of other business, but so far the man from Green Bay has come in and not played games.

For once, the wind feels great.

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