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Dwayne Bowe's new contract approval poll

Dwayne Bowe received his big payday on Monday when the Kansas City Chiefs signed him to a five-year deal reportedly worth $56 million. Simple question: do you approve of the decision to give him this contract?

John Sommers II

The Kansas City Chiefs 2013 offense received some good news on Monday when the Chiefs announced a new deal for Dwayne Bowe. The Chiefs have confirmed that a deal was reached but did not confirm any of the details. The various reports say the contract is worth $56 million over five years, which makes Bowe the third highest paid receiver in the NFL, behind Larry Fitzgerald and Calvin Johnson, and just ahead of Vincent Jackson.

$26 million of the contract has been reported as guaranteed (whatever that means in the NFL). Bowe will be paid $36 million in the first three years of the deal. It's a very good contract and one that will make Bowe a rich man.

If the Chiefs hadn't reached a deal with Bowe, he probably would've been hit with the franchise tag for a second straight season. He was paid roughly $9.5 million last year under the franchise tag and this year it would have been $11.4 million.

That's what we know about the contract right now.

Now time to hear what you think. Vote in the poll and let us know if you approve of D-Bowe's new contract.

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