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Kansas City Chiefs fans, today was a good day

The KC Chiefs made their fans happy by delivering in a big way at the franchise tag deadline. Dwayne Bowe and Dustin Colquitt each got shiny new 5-year deals and Branden Albert was tagged, which will keep him in Kansas City next season. Read all about Red Monday here. It was a good day to be a Chiefs fan.

Jamie Squire Getty Images Sport

This is a Zubaz kinda day. A Boulevard Wheat kinda day, too.


I'm so happy I'm gonna eat lots of meat while wearing my Zubaz. In honor of the Chiefs gettin shit done.


So happy that I'm gonna chill in my Chiefs chair. All damn night.


I'm so happy I may get a Chiefs tattoo on my neck!


I lie! ...Clearly, I'd get it on my head.


What I'm trying to say is...

quickmeme via Redditor EnglishSirSir

A very good day.

@dwaynebowe82 (from October, and not today, unfortunately)

Jamie Squire Getty Images Sport

Win McNamee Getty Images Sport

Jamie Squire Getty Images Sport

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