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Branden Albert and the Chiefs weren't close to a new contract

The Chiefs applied the franchise tag to Branden Albert shortly before the deadline to do so on Monday. Albert spoke with Adam Teicher of the Kansas City Star and there were two key takeaways from the interview.

Jonathan Daniel

Head on over to the KC Star and read Adam Teicher's report on the KC Chiefs three big moves, franchising Branden Albert and coming to agreements with Dwayne Bowe and Dustin Colquitt on long-term contracts.

Two items in Teicher's report really stick out to me.

First, the two sides were "nowhere close" to an agreement on a long-term contract. This is a little concerning because deadlines are supposed to bring two sides closer together. It appears that may not have worked very well here. With the franchise tag, the Chiefs may lose some motivation to budge from their end.

For Albert, he now has to look at his potential long-term contract in the context of the franchise tag. He will make nearly $10 million this year and, if the Chiefs want to keep him next year, closer to another $12 million with a second franchise tag. That's $22 million the Chiefs would have to pay to keep him over the next two years, so that kinda sets the market. At least for the next two years.

Still, the Chiefs can sign Albert to a new deal. The franchise tag doesn't stop that from happening (until the deadline in July).

Second, the Star report saves the best line for last: "I'll be playing left tackle," Albert said.

Yes, we're back to this discussion but now it seems a little more real given the circumstances. What if the Chiefs do decide that left tackle Luke Joeckel is the best player in the draft and then pick him? What happens then?

Follow with me from A to B as I try to reconcile this: A.) It's hard to see a left tackle picked No. 1 sitting on the bench for an entire season. That seems like a waste of a year. B.) It's even harder to see Albert playing any position but left tackle.

So it's kinda hard to see the Chiefs picking a left tackle ... right?

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