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Kansas City Chiefs wanted to sign a defensive tackle last week

The Kansas City Chiefs tried to sign a defensive tackle last week but he ended up with the Miami Dolphins.


Defensive tackle Vaughn Martin came into the league as a fourth round pick in the 2009 NFL Draft. He spent four seasons in San Diego, starting 12 and 15 games in the last two seasons. Martin was a free agent this year, deciding to sign with the Miami Dolphins last Thursday.

You know who else wanted to sign him?

Yep, the Chiefs.

The Sun-Sentinel reportsMartin had offers from the New England Patriots, San Diego Chargers, Philadelphia Eagles and Seattle Seahawks. (I'm assuming that's true and not just his agent pumping out lies because what agent would do that??).

So what does this tell us? That the Chiefs are interested in more defensive line depth. Currently, Tyson Jackson and Mike DeVito are on the end spots. Glenn Dorsey signed with the 49ers in San Francisco. There is some depth -- Allen Bailey has some promise -- but more is needed.

Keep an eye out for the Chiefs poking around free agent defensive tackles. The market is largely dried up but there are still some guys who could potentially help from a depth standpoint.

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