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Chiefs explain what Brad Childress's job title means

The Kansas City Chiefs finally hired Brad Childress earlier this week. But what the heck is his job title -- spread game analyst / special projects?

David Richard-US PRESSWIRE

Brad Childress, who was hired by the Kansas City Chiefs on Thursday, has such a unique job title that the Chiefs felt compelled to explain what that is. The job title is "Spread game analyst / special projects" which .... I have no idea.

Here's what the Chiefs said about it:

Essentially, coach Childress will research and assist with the scouting and recruiting of the draft eligible players, prior to the April 25-27 event.

He will also conduct thorough research on the spread offense, benefitting not just the offense but also helping the Chiefs defense.

In addition to recruiting and researching, coach will also take on several other projects to benefit head coach Reid and his entire staff, with the collective goal in mind, winning.

Make sense?

It's the "spread game analyst" that has me intrigued considering the rise of the spread offenses in the NFL and that Alex Smith ran Urban Meyer's spread offense while in college at Utah.

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