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2013 NFL Draft: Eric Fisher or Luke Joeckel? Chiefs may have to decide

The Kansas City Chiefs will have to decide whether the top left tackle in the 2013 NFL Draft is Texas A&M's Luke Joeckel, the favorite, or Central Michigan's Eric Fisher. That is if they choose to take a left tackle with the first pick.


OK, let's put this out of the way first: at this point in the 2013 NFL Draft process, prospects probably aren't "gaining" on anybody. Teams have their boards set for the most part and there won't be a whole lot of moving prospects up or down, unless you start to take into account needs. I remember former Chiefs GM Scott Pioli telling me a while back that by the end of February they had their board done for the most part, with few changes coming. So there's that.

That said ... teams could still be deciding between players. For example, almost everyone would agree that Texas AM's Luke Joeckel and Central MIchigan's Eric Fisher are the top two tackles in the NFL Draft this year. But which one is better? Ah, you'll get some different answers there.

We've long assumed Joeckel is the top left tackle in the draft. He's the one all those mock drafts send to the Chiefs. But is that what NFL personnel men think? Dan Pompei of National Football Post has this piece, which includes quotes from an AFC and NFC GM.

AFC GM on Joeckel: "His angles are so good. Everything is perfect with him. He's technically smooth. He's incredibly instinctive, and sometimes that passes people by."

Perfect? Perfect. But...

NFC GM on Fisher: "Because of his athleticism, he has more upside. If you want upside, you take Fisher."

Well then. Fisher didn't play against the competition that Joeckel did, so you're doing a little more projecting with him. In this case, I would go with the safer pick, which would be Joeckel. I need a known quantity with my No. 1 pick -- nothing risky.

Do we need to start discussing Eric Fisher more? Is he a legit option for the Chiefs at No. 1? The Chiefs worked him out this week.

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