Chiefs to work out Leon Sandcastle

From the FanPosts. -Joel

In a recent AP post, I argued that Clark Hunt has altered his approach since the end of the 2012 season - and change has been trickling down!

Lately, a number of AP posters and commenters have said that they can remember few - if any - years in which the Chiefs front office has been more aggressive in the offseason. While many disagree with specific moves Dorsey and Reid have made, nobody is saying the Chiefs aren't making the effort!

Now we can add another area of One Arrowhead Drive where change is underfoot: public relations.

On Wednesday, the Chiefs PR department sent out this release:

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - On Thursday, March 28, the Kansas City Chiefs will make the next rookie sensation - and star of NFL Network's Super Bowl XLVII advertisement - Leon Sandcastle (Deion Sanders) available to all local media outlets.

Sandcastle (Sanders), NFL Network's fictional character who is drafted by the Chiefs, will be available for interviews at The University of Kansas Training Complex.

I have to say... I love this!

I can't imagine anything remotely like this happening during the administrations of Carl Peterson or Scott Pioli. During those years, those in the Chiefs PR department had a kind of bunker mentality. They were serious minded folks who acted as though reporters drew more inspiration from Bob Woodward than they did from Chris Berman. Not only did they not know how to make a joke... they didn't know how to take one!

But things are changing, and we should be glad to see it. Sure... Chiefs fans are frustrated. Sure... Chiefs fans want to see the franchise making serious moves that result in success. But as Ed "Superfan" Bieler used to say at the close of his KCMO radio show, "Folks... in the department store of life, sports is the toy department."

It's just a game, my friends. Let's not forget to enjoy it.

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