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Posterized: Sky High, the latest Chris Sembower painting

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Newest painting by Chris Sembower features newly re-signed wide receiver Dwayne Bowe. Available in wallpaper format!

I'm definitely excited about Dwayne Bowe re-signing. I suppose I was probably in the camp that didn't expect it to happen. For selfish reasons, however, I'm glad the guy is sticking around. He's a lot of fun to illustrate.

In fact, I would definitely say there is a growing list of guys on the roster that I am expecting to sneak into the series this year.

Dunta Robinson and Sean Smith come to mind immediately, and I cant want to see what the draft brings as well. John Dorsey and Andy Reid seem to be a good tandem so far. I'm looking forward to watching their Chiefs careers together. I'd love to feel some real synergy in the front office again.

More: These are meant to be seen large! Head over to my page to see them in HD!

It should be a busy year for me and you should see quite a bit more work. Hopefully some cool stuff for people to participate in as well.

Go Chiefs!

Wallpaper'd as always to "hang up" on your visual electronics!