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Who is the best Kansas City Chiefs player nobody has heard of?

The Kansas City Chiefs have been picking high in a lot of recent drafts so there is some star power on the team. But who is the best Chiefs player that the average fan probably hasn't heard of?

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Who is the best player on the Kansas City Chiefs that the average fan hasn't heard of? Let's see here...

A few years ago the answer here would've been Brandon Flowers. We've known Flowers is one of the top cornerbacks in the NFL for a few years now but there was a time when he simply wasn't recognized. We're past that point now, though. People know who Flowers is. Brandon Carr was once an option, too ... before that whole $50 million deal.

Dontari Poe had a decent season, as did Tyson Jackson, but they were high draft picks so people generally know who they are.

Ricky Stanzi? I wish we could just rate him as anything -- overrated, underrated, just right. We just don't know anything about him.

So for my answer, I'm going with Jon Asamoah. Yep, a guard. The Chiefs picked him in the third round of the 2010 NFL Draft and he sat out for the most part in year one, starting just one game. Since then, he's started 31 of 32 regular season games for the Chiefs. He'll probably be one of those players that gets a second contract, stays in Kansas City for six-plus years and has a solid career.

I'm sure I'm missing the very obvious choice here.

Who is your pick?

H/T Reddit for the idea

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