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2013 Arrowhead Pride community mock draft sign-up coming on Thursday

The 2013 Arrowhead Pride community mock draft will soon be getting underway. The basics and the schedule are laid out below.

Al Bello

It's that time of the year. The 2013 AP mock draft will be kicking off next week. This is your heads up that at 12:00 p.m. (Arrowhead Time) on Thursday of this week we will be posting the sign-up for this year's mock draft. We will put up a post then and in the comments section you will claim your team. Tiebreakers or any other questions that inevitably pop up each year will be decided by me as this is a dictatorship I am a community leader.

If you have been doing the AP mock draft with the same team for a few years now, let me know in the comments and I'll probably reserve your spot. I think there's still a few people out there that this applies to, and it's something I want to limit so everyone has a fair shot to participate.

More need-to-know items are below. Drop any questions in the comments section.

The basics:

One round mock draft
Two picks posted per day
No trades
Include a write-up of at least 50 words and no more than 500 words
We will select the picture to use (it's a rights thing) so no outside pictures
If you don't get your pick in on time, we will put up a post to point and laugh at you

The schedule

April 1: 1-2
April 2: 3-4
April 3: 5-6
April 4: 7-8
April 5: 9-10

April 8: 11-12
April 9: 13-14
April 10: 15-16
April 11: 17-18
April 12: 19-20

April 15: 21-22
April 16: 23-24
April 17: 25-26
April 18: 27-29
April 19: 30-32

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