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Kansas City Chiefs March 2013 approval poll: John Dorsey

It's that time of the month: Approval polls! Please vote in the poll below on the job you think Kansas City Chiefs GM John Dorsey is doing.


At the time of his hire, 88 percent of our readers approved of the decision to hire John Dorsey from the Green Bay Packers. Now the new GM has had a couple of months on the job, so it's time for an update on his approval ratings.

(Note: We forgot to do February's poll. Whoops! We're blaming Chris for that.)

Since our last approval poll, a LOT has happened. The coaching staff has been finalized, Alex Smith was traded, Matt Cassel was cut, lots of free agents were signed, and so much more. Best yet: we've only heard him use the word "culture" one time!

We know we can't truly approve of how a GM is doing until we see his players play but we also know you have opinions on him anyway. Vote in the poll on how you think Dorsey is doing.

Previous month's results:

January 2013: 88%

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