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Sean Smith fits the Chiefs defense 'perfectly', according to GM John Dorsey

The Kansas City Chiefs dipped into the free agent market to sign Sean Smith, who will compete for a starting job at cornerback. How will does Smith fit the Chiefs defense under new defensive coordinator Bob Sutton? GM John Dorsey says 'perfectly'.

Alex Trautwig

Sean Smith is now a Chief, completing the cornerback trifecta. The Chiefs will have Brandon Flowers on one side and then Sean Smith and Dunta Robinson will compete for a starting job on the other side with one of those likely landing the nickel job.

Why is Smith a perfect fit for the Chiefs defense?

GM John Dorsey tells Peter King: "[Defensive coordinator] Bob Sutton's scheme is about 85-percent press man, and we think Sean's the type of physical corner who fits the defense perfectly."

Sean Smith tells the local media: "I think, by far, my press game at the line of scrimmage is probably one of my top strengths. I'm a very big, physical dude. I have long arms and I just love jamming wide receivers off the line because it definitely helps our pass rush."

Makes sense, no?

Asked specifically about Sutton, the former Jets assistant, Smith said, "Just take a look at their secondary. You have Revis and Cromartie over there, two of the top corners in the league right now. You can see how physical they are at the line of scrimmage with any receiver. They're always up there pressing. There are a lot of pressures going on. It's going to be a very fun and exciting year for those fans who like the dark side, I like to say."

First thing Smith will have to learn: the 'dark side' is the Raiders. That's a no-no.

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