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Alex Smith on contract extension: 'Maybe it will happen, maybe it won't'

We live in Kansas City so we have to complain talk about the contract for the Chiefs quarterback. Alex Smith has two years left on his contract but there's some confusion as to whether he will be getting a new deal before the season starts.


So, there's this from Danny Parkins yesterday, about Alex Smith, who has two years left on his deal, and a possible contract extension with the Kansas City Chiefs:

This nugget probably didn't get the attention it deserves, given all the KC Chiefs free agency news as of late. It comes into focus even more now that Alex Smith was asked about his contract by 810 WHB's Kevin Kietzman on Thursday afternoon.

Smith said a contract extension is not something he has talked to his agent about. "I haven't heard anything," Smith said.

Smith tells Kietzman that a new deal is "not something I'm opposed to" but also not something he necessarily wants right now. So he's kinda playing the middle.

"We all know this is a year to year deal," Smith, who has two years lefton his deal, told Kietzman. "That's the way it works and you have to prove yourself year in and year out and week to week."

True. But you also gotta have contracts. And I can already tell Alex Smith's contract is going to become a thing in Kansas City because God knows how much we love talking about a quarterback's contract.

"Maybe it will happen, maybe it won't," Smith said.

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