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Chiefs hope to trade Matt Cassel

The Kansas City Chiefs are hoping to trade Matt Cassel, according to Adam Teicher of the Kansas City Star. With his contract, it's hard to see how he's worth anything.

Jamie Squire

What is Matt Cassel's future? It's not in Kansas City, whatever it is. The Chiefs are said to be trying to trade Cassel, according to Adam Teicher of the KC Star.

This is not a surprise. I think most of us expected the Chiefs to try and trade Cassel.

Important keyword there: try.

Big, big difference between trying to trade someone and actually doing it. Cassel has the talent, in my opinion, to be worth something in a trade. He'd be a high-end backup quarterback in the league. Unfortunately for him, he has that contract. It's paying him over $7 million this season and that just won't happen in a situation where he's the backup. He will likely have to be cut first and signed somewhere else to a more team friendly deal.

Cassel has been linked to the Vikings by a couple of reports, with the thinking being that he could push Christian Ponder. Judging by the Vikings recent moves, trading away Percy Harvin and Antoine Winfield, Minnesota next season may not be much better than Kansas City last season.

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