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Alex Smith trade could become official as soon as Tuesday

The Kansas City Chiefs traded for San Francisco 49ers quarterback Alex Smith a few weeks ago but now that the new league year is here the trade can finally become official.

Jamie Squire

It's a formality at this point. The 2013 NFL free agency period kicks off at 3:00 p.m. (Arrowhead Time) at which point trades can formally be consummated. That means at some point this week, perhaps as soon as today, the Chiefs will make the Alex Smith trade official.

The Chiefs have yet to address the trade in any formal manner. John Dorsey has been asked about it in radio interviews but he has pointed to the fact that the new league has yet to start yet.

The next step after making the trade official will be hearing from Chiefs GM John Dorsey, head coach Andy Reid and the new quarterback Alex Smith.

Five questions I would ask:

1. When did the trade talks start?

2. Does Alex Smith rule out taking a quarterback No. 1?

3. Will Alex Smith get a new contract?

4. Is Alex Smith the quarterback of the future?

5. Was the compensation you gave up more than you initially expected?

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