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NFL free agency 2013: Dunta Robinson's contract suggests Chiefs could still be looking for CBs

The Kansas City Chiefs signing of Dunta Robinson brought on a lot of questions. Where will Robinson play? How much will he be paid? Is he as starter? Are the Chiefs done looking at free agent cornerbacks? Read on for an answer to at least one of those questions.

Kevin C. Cox

The details on Dunta Robinson's contract are coming in and they're interesting. Sean Jensen of the Chicago Sun-Times reports that Robinson's three-year deal is worth $15 million in total but that the numbers are backloaded. This year, according to Jensen, there is $4 million guaranteed and a low cap number. Previously it was reported Dunta got "starter money" but that's apparently not the case. Or at least there are different interpretations of what starter money means.

As Jensen points out, that's not your standard starting cornerback money. It's less. It could be a sign that, as many people have predicted, Robinson could be playing another position, such as nickel corner or safety. The KC Star suggested safety, too, but noted he is small for that position. The Chiefs have not commented on or confirmed the Robinson signing so we haven't heard the official explanation from them.

Take this for what it's worth but Chiefs president Mark Donovan spoke at a Chiefs employee function last week and referred to Robinson as a cornerback and noted that he will make "No. 24" (Brandon Flowers) better. Makes him better as the cornerback opposite him or as a safety or as a nickel corner? It's hard to come to any firm conclusions reading into that.

Jensen takes the contract news as a sign that the Chiefs are "probably still seriously considering one of the top UFA corners." They're said to be out of the Sean Smith hunt, but who knows. Smith, by the way, is reportedly expected to land a contract over $7 million per year, which puts the market in perspective. He could be the most sought after cornerback on the market this offseason.

This is a good year to need a cornerback for two reasons: 1.) there's a lot of talent on the open market and 2.) because of that the price will (in theory) be driven down.

Before the Robinson signing, the Chiefs were said to be interested in Sean Smith of the Miami Dolphins, and "sniffing around" the cornerback market.

Before the Dunta signing, BJ Kissel looked at potential free agent safeties for the Chiefs. Take a look at the video below.

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