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Poll: What is the best move the Kansas City Chiefs made this week?

The Kansas City Chiefs have had a hell of a week. From re-signing Dwayne Bowe and Dustin Colquitt to tagging Branden Albert to cutting Eric Winston to signing Dunta Robinson ... a LOT has happened this week. Let's take a quick review of what the Chiefs did in the last week and vote in our poll asking which move was the best.

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(Red) Monday: Chiefs sign Dwayne Bowe and Dustin Colquitt; franchise tag Branden Albert

This was the big day. The franchise tag deadline was on this day so we knew there'd be some action. The Chiefs were choosing between Dwayne Bowe and Branden Albert and after reaching a deal with Bowe they were able to tag Albert, keeping them both. This was a fun day because the news of Bowe and Colquitt signing, and then Albert's tag, all came out within a few minutes of each other.

Bowe got five years, $56 million. Colquitt is the highest paid punter in the game now. Albert will be paid just under $10 million next season.

This was the best case scenario and it always was: sign one of them to a long-term deal and tag the other. That's what they did.

Read all of our Red Monday stories here. Below is our approval poll on D-Bowe's new deal.


Tuesday: Tyson Jackson restructures his contract

This filled a need. Jackson took a pay cut to stay in Kansas City, which was a good decision by him. He is a decent player and he's more valuable to the Chiefs than any other team right now given that they could've been without both their starting defensive ends this offseason. Tyson's new deal is less money and more cap friendly. His cap number was scheduled to be over $17 million but the restructure cuts that number in half.

Here's what we know about Tyson's new deal.

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Wednesday: Eric Winston cut

This is the "wow" move of the offseason for me. We talked about how a new regime always means changes, even surprising ones. So we know there was going to be something unexpected. I just didn't think it would be Winston.

If we thought we had an idea of what the Chiefs were going to do in the draft before this ... well, after this we certainly don't know. Offensive tackle wasn't likely when Albert was tagged and then Winston was cut seemingly making it more likely again. Or we can just go ahead and admit we have no clue what the Chiefs are going to do.

Weird to think that Winston, who many consider one of the better right tackles in the game, will be on three teams in three years.

Read all of our coverage of Winston here. Below is our approval poll on his release.


Thursday: Chiefs are rumored to want to keep Glenn Dorsey

This isn't "news" in the same sense as the others but this post would look funny if I skipped Thursday, right? So here we go.

Dorsey is one of the Chiefs "big name" free agents, someone everyone in the league has heard of and a former top five pick. Yet we had heard NOTHING on Dorsey's future the last few months. Then there's this report, out of the blue, that the Chiefs want to keep Dorsey. This would be neat because it would put some bodies along the defensive line, which is turning into an area of need for the Chiefs.

Here's what we know about Dorsey.

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Friday: Chiefs sign Dunta Robinson

On paper this should've been easier to understand than it actually is. The Chiefs have a need at cornerback (sorry, Javier) so Robinson sort of addresses that. But some wonder if he'll actually end up playing that position at all. Could he play nickel or safety? Is this the only cornerback signing? This move brought along just as many questions as answers.

Here's everything we know about the Dunta Robinson signing.


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