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Chiefs free agency rumors: KC is 'sniffing around' the cornerback market

NFL Network's Albert Breer joined the Danny Parkins Show on 610 Sports, which I recommend you listen to at Breer said the Chiefs are "sniffing around" the free agent cornerback market. Who could they be looking at?

Tyler Barrick

Earlier in the week there was an interesting rumor that came out regarding the KC Chiefs free agency plans. Vontae Davis, a cornerback who now plays for the Colts but was previously with the Dolphins, wrote on Twitter that he talked to Sean Smith, a cornerback for the Dolphins scheduled to be a free agent, and that Smith said he was talking to the Chiefs. Of course, Smith quickly came out and denied that was the case, offering up this explanation.

This brings us to Albert Breer, who was on the Danny Parkins Show on Friday. Breer stated that he knew "for a fact" the Chiefs are "sniffing around" the free agent cornerback market.

There's the big fish, which is Darrelle Revis. Clearly, adding Revis would transform the Chiefs defense. It would be incredible. But it would also be incredibly expensive and extremely risky. Expensive because Revis wants an insane amount of money and someone will probably give it to him. Risky because he's coming off of an ACL injury, which Chiefs fans are all too familiar with. And because he's a threat to hold out every single year. So you can probably cross him off the list. (I think. I'm still getting to know this Andy Reid fella.)

Or the Chiefs could just say screw it and pay top dollar.

Breer then named a second tier of players, who should hit free agency: Sean Smith, Aqib Talib, Derrick Cox and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. One of those players is likely to sign early in free agency when the money is flowing (like wine). But the others could slip through the cracks and come at a reasonable price. Or the Chiefs could just say screw it and pay top dollar. After all, Andy Reid's history of acquiring cornerbacks is quite clear.

The other name Breer mentioned was Nnamdi Asomugha, who could be cut from the Eagles. Kinda says something when Eagles fans didn't sound upset at that idea. Considering his last deal with the Eagles, I'd guess this would be expensive.

Out of that group, who are you taking?

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