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Jason Whitlock, Andre Rison and some 1990s Chiefs stories

Hey, I loved the Kansas City Chiefs in the 1990s. And Jason Whitlock wrote about them in the 1990s. Let's get together for story time where Whitlock tells us about the time Andre Rison threatened to have him killed.


Jason Whitlock is doing a live chat over at Deadspin and I came across this beauty while reading it. Here's the exchange between a Deadspin commenter and Whitlock:

GhostofAndreRison: "Least favorite chief, while you were in KC? Mine is steve bono, fuck that guy."

WhitlockJason: "Good choice. Bono once told me he, in a condescending, dismissive tone, that he didn't know who I was. The next day the Chiefs PR staff called me in because Bono's wife was crying about my columns. They wanted me to make piece with Bono.... But Andre Rison threatened to have me killed once. He wasn't joking. We were at a party Derrick Thomas was hosting. And Andre said his boys were going to tighten me up. I love Dre."

Oh man, oh man.

How many of you could sit around all day long and share stories about the 1990s Chiefs?

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