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2013 NFL Draft: Is Ryan Nassib an option for KC Chiefs in round two?

Unfortunately for those Kansas City Chiefs fans who want a quarterback picked No. 1, it's very possible, if not likely, that the Chiefs next quarterback will not be the top pick in the 2013 NFL Draft -- it could be in round two. A new report states that the Chiefs like Ryan Nassib, a quarterback out of Syracuse.

Andy Lyons

Let the NFL Draft rumors begin!

The latest Chiefs draft rumor involves Ryan Nassib, the Syracuse quarterback who is projected to go somewhere in the first or second round. Draft insider Tony Pauline connects Nassib to the Chiefs.

Where will the quarterback fall in the draft? We hear three teams who select at the top of round two, including the Kansas City Chiefs, Philadelphia Eagles and New York Jets, think highly of Nassib. Its not out of the question one of these teams moves back into the late part of round one to select the Syracuse product.

There are going to be about a million more reports saying the Chiefs do and don't like certain quarterbacks. It's fun this time of year but remember we're a ways away from the actual draft so plenty will undoubtedly change.

More: Nassib struggles at the Senior Bowl | Team Geno vs. Team Tyler

Over the past few weeks I've been changing my stance that the Chiefs will select a quarterback No. 1 overall. For weeks I was convinced that was the most likely option. Now? Not so much. The momentum seems to be trending towards the Chiefs getting their quarterback after that pick, or perhaps even trading back and selecting him.

Our Eagles blog, Bleeding Green Nation, is talking about Nassib, too. Check their post out for more scouting reports and a video of him beating Missouri.

Did Nassib make BJ Kissel's list of sleeper picks? Check out the video below to find out (Hint: No he did not.)

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