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Chiefs' Andy Reid speaks: Matt Cassel, Ricky Stanzi and more

New Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid made the media rounds this week, talking to both the Kansas City Star and Metro Sports about the 2013 NFL Draft, Matt Cassel, Ricky Stanzi and more. Let's see what he had to say.

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Andy Reid's media tour this week didn't produce any major news but there are a few interesting tidbits. First up is the Kansas City Star interview, which you can read here. The headline quote in there is about Matt Cassel -- Reid hasn't committed to him.

Reid did say in the Metro Sports interview that they have evaluated their own players so I would suspect they have an idea what they're going to do with Cassel. The vast majority of people feel he will not be back next year.

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"We've situated our staff on the football side," Reid told Dave Stewart of Metro Sports. "Then we've worked through our roster and evaluted the players there. We've worked through the free agents and are continuing to do so -- not only on our team but the free agents out there in the league. Then we've started on the college players. At the same time you're breaking up the day where half of its football where you're also doing scheme, defense and offense and special teams meetings, putting together their game plan so when the players come in they can present their side of the football to them."

Reid also touched on Ricky Stanzi in the Star interview and said what I (and probably others) figured: there's not enough film on him to make a good evaluation of where he's at. Stanzi played in college and hasn't done anything in the pros. So there's a gap there, for sure.

"The quarterback is an extension of whoever that offensive coach is," Reid continued on Metro Sports, "the head coach, whoever that is. That quarterback is that. And he has to be that on the field. He has to be in charge in this offense. There are different philosophies but in this offense that's what he has to be."

Who that quarterback is ... we don't know. Reid didn't commit to Cassel or Stanzi in 2013. But he also didn't rule them out.

"You understand you have to go out and visit players [for the Draft]," Reid said. "We're going to do that, and talk to them. As much time you can spend with the player the better you get to know them, it's a less variable that he isn't successful. You know that 50 percent of those No. 1 picks kinda bomb so you want to kind of narrow that margin down as narrow as you can get it. "

Very narrow. Hopefully. This pick can't bust.

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