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Poll: Would you pay Branden Albert like a top five left tackle?

A Tuesday report from 610 Sports Danny Parkins stated that Kansas City Chiefs left tackle Branden Albert would be seeking top-five left tackle money, which we've boiled down to $10 million-ish per year. The question is simple: Would you pay him?

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We've done variations of a Branden Albert / free agency poll before, like this one which shows 72 percent of Chiefs fans think Albert is a top 10 left tackle. But let's get right down to business and figure out where the fan base stands on Albert's future.

It's been reported by Danny Parkins that Albert is looking for top five left tackle money which let's say is roughly $10 million per year. Here are some more details on that report and a few comparables to Albert.

We've been talking about Albert every day already, and we'll continue to do that until free agency. So if you're getting sick of talking about him ... sorry but it's an important issue right now. The most important right now, I'd say. But since we will continue to talk about him I want to get a number down on how the fan base feels about his future.

Albert: 'I want to be a Chief' | 'Them dudes don't know nothing'

So, I see three options for Albert's future:

1.) Franchise tag him at approximately $9.6 million (franchise tag numbers have yet to be finalized)

2.) Sign him to a long term contract. If they can work out a deal.

3.) Let him walk in free agency and take your chances with a compensatory pick the next year.

The draft obviously will factor into your decision. If you're a Luke Joeckel guy, letting Albert walk is easier to swallow. If you're an Albert guy, you want to pay him. If you're in between, the franchise tag might be the option.

Vote in the poll and state your case in the comments. We'll probably do a few polls like this leading up to March 12, the day free agency starts. Look for another one on Dwayne Bowe coming soon. I need a reference point for how the Chiefs fan base feels about the top free agents.

BJ Kissel's take on what the Chiefs should do with Albert shouldn't surprise you. Take a look at the video below:

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