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Chiefs free agents and potential salary cap casualties

The Kansas City Chiefs will be hitting free agency on March 12 but those aren't the only players who could be on the move. I took a look at some of the highest paid Chiefs to determine whether there will be any more surprise cuts. Here's a list of all the Chiefs 2013 free agents and below is a list of some of the highest paid Chiefs.


Big money but they're safe

Tamba Hali: $12.25 million

No, Tamba is not going to get cut. I just wanted to take this opportunity to point out that he's due over $12 million next year in base salary. His base salary the two years after that is about half that number. So I'm kinda wondering if the Chiefs could, or would even want to re-structure Tamba's deal. Probably not.

Brandon Flowers: $7.35 million

He isn't getting cut either. His contract is spread out pretty darn evenly and it is not an issue. He's under contract through 2016.

Eric Berry: $7 million

Not going anywhere.

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Makes me wonder

Ryan Succop: $1.925 million

There's little difference between the NFL's fifth best kicker and the 15th best kicker. Do the Chiefs need to commit to Succop on a multi-year deal?

Steve Breaston: $3.8 million

This is a much more interesting case than what it would've been in Romeo Crennel were still in charge. For whatever reason, Crennel kept Breaston on the bench. Will the new regime feel the same way about him? That $3.8 million number is a little high but the Chiefs can certainly afford it if they think they'll use him. I really have no clue what will happen here -- it could go either way.

Andy Studebaker: $2 million

From a pure playing time and production standpoint, he is simply not worth $2 million. But I love his leadership and the intangibles he brings, which is why he's on the "I don't know" list. It's not that much money (relative to the cap) but John Dorsey doesn't have a background with him like the guy who gave him a three-year deal did (Scott Pioli).

Kevin Boss: $2.4 million

The tight ends are very important in Andy Reid's offense, they need to be smart dudes. Boss fits that mold. Tony Moeaki is about a million bucks cheaper but he comes with his own question marks (injury history). Because of the value of tight ends in Reid's offense, I would guess Boss sticks around.

Kendrick Lewis: $1.32 million

Hmm. He has an injury history and Dorsey doesn't have any loyalty to him. He could be in trouble but the Chiefs shouldn't be in the business of giving away safeties at this point. They need 'em.

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They're in trouble

Matt Cassel: $7.5 million

He's definitely in trouble. Most predict he'll be gone, which is probably the safe bet. The Chiefs can cut him now with no consequences. Personally I still do wonder if he could come back -- either at $7.5 million or on a restructured deal. He's probably gone but I can't say that for certain.

Tyson Jackson: $14.72 million

He's in big trouble. There's a zero percent chance the Chiefs pay that $14+ million number. The key to remember here is that Jackson restructured last year to stick around. Would he do the same this year? Do the Chiefs want to keep him?

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