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Eric Berry posted a picture of himself on Instagram

Eric Berry on Instragram

I'm looking forward to seeing Eric Berry this season. Uh, in uniform, of course.

Berry talked with 810 WHB's Soren Petro this week and said that he told his teammates, including those in Hawaii with him, that they need to get started early this year -- conditioning and preparing for the season. I love seeing this kind of leadership from the guys who were rookies like 15 minutes ago, or so it seems.

The picture above has drawn the attention of several admirers judging by the comments section of his Instragram post. One comment though I can't figure out: "Eating them shark patties boy". Is this a thing the kids are saying these days, shark patties? Am I getting old?

This picture is also a reason to quote one of the greatest works of art in cinematic history:

It's Game Time.

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