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Matt Cassel ... a good dude

We'll flip the script and write something about Matt Cassel that has little to do with football.

Derick E. Hingle-US PRESSWIRE

A couple times a year we need to remind ourselves that even though we do a lot of complaining about Matt Cassel and his time with the Kansas City Chiefs, Cassel is actually a really good dude. There are tons of examples of that and I read another one this morning.

That comes from a blog post by Deliece Hofen, who tells her personal story with cancer and that of her son, Braden. Two years ago, Matt Cassel's wife, Lauren, tracked Deliece down and, along with Matt, helped coordinate a visit to Arrowhead for Deliece's kids.

Braden and Zach were invited to come out to the practice facility and play with "the guys".

Seriously!! That facility is locked down like Fort Knox!!!

So the boys got to play with Matt Cassel, Jeremy (I so can't remember his name but he was a receiver), and Tyler Palco (backup QB). Tyler, unfortunately, made the mistake of telling Zach his sister called him "Ty Ty" when he was little...sooo...Zach still refers to him as "Ty Ty".

They played outside, they played inside, the went to the weight room....and we had one of the most grand detours EVER! (we even had a security guard with us at all times...seriously)! :)

Then they had pizza. Coach Haley asked them to call him when we went in to have pizza so he could come say hi again. I'll show you the first time we met him tomorrow.

What a dream!! What a story to tell generations to come.. "one day I got to go play with the Chiefs" AMAZING!!

The story is complete with pictures. An oldie but a goodie.

I can tell you from personal experience the Cassels do not like these types of things to publicized, which makes it all the more honorable. Cassel may have a low completion percentage and a bad mustache in November, but he's a good dude in my book.

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