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Why are there so many Kansas City Chiefs fans in Alaska?

Facebook took a look at all the likes for NFL teams, where they were coming from, and then created this map, which is a very cool (and unique) set of data about NFL fans and their favorite teams. (The map is a week old but I just saw the Chiefs-Alaska connection.)


With about 35 million folks who have liked an NFL team on Facebook, that's roughly 1 in 10 people in the country who have linked themselves to their favorite NFL team. The result of Facebook's data is above, the map showing where NFL fans for each team live.

See anything interesting? Look at Alaska.


Are those .... Chiefs fans?

Indeed, they are. A Reddit user matched up the colors to confirm that, yes, that is a pocket of Chiefs fans in Alaska.

That's really sweet. But what/how/why/when all these Chiefs fans in Alaska? Seems random, no?

Actually that looks like Fairbanks. It's a decently sized city. I have an Uncle and Aunt up in Anchorage, and they say it's predominantly Seahawks fans and Chiefs fans. They have no idea why there are so many Chiefs fans, but there is always some place showing the Chiefs game. (Casedilla)

Its not Fairbanks. The Fairbanks North-Star Borough is to the northeast of the colored borough, the Denali Borough.

Source: I lived in Fairbanks for 3 years. (mannpt)

I recently lived in both St. Marys Alaska, as well as St. Michael Alaska, and I rocked the shit out of my Chiefs gear up there. I was surprised to see KC stocking hats, gloves, etc. I mainly worked in Eskimo villages, and when I asked why they cheered for the Chiefs, I would get responses like "Got to support the natives", they would always chuckle when they said it, and I assumed it was from the tribal logos and everything. Sorry about the long response there, but I can verify that there are indeed Chiefs fans in Alaska. (Arctic420)

Facebook has another map showing who the friends of each NFL fan are and divisional and regional rivals seemed to play a large role into that. So Seattle is the closest NFL team to Alaska. Seattle used to be in the AFC West. Therefore some Chiefs fans are in Alaska. That's my guess.

Do any of you have an explanation for the pocket of Chiefs fans in Alaska?

Also, speaking of Chiefs fans being everywhere...

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