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Super Bowl commercials 2013: GoDaddy wins again, so does Kate Upton

When Mrs. Primetime and her friends are getting together to watch a football game, you know it's a big deal. The 2013 Super Bowl isn't just about the 49ers vs. Ravens though -- it's about the commercials, too. Because the whole world is watching, the commercials are a big deal every year and this one is no different. Here are a couple of my most memorable videos from the 2012 Super Bowl (Budweiser and Clint Eastwood) as well as a couple of my favorites from this year (Kate Upton and GoDaddy). Here are a bunch more Super Bowl commercials. (Update: This Eric Winston Super Bowl commercial is actually the best one yet.)


Budweiser: Rec league hockey team flash mob (2012)

This is really awesome. It's just an amateur hockey team and they're surprised with the full production of the game. If only they would have done this at my grade school basketball or baseball games. I would've been a star.

Chrysler: Clint Eastwood's Halftime in America (2012)

The rare commercial that gets a lot of folks attention but not for showing a hot chick or doing something really funny. Last year was before the election so there was plenty of politics surrounding this. (This came before Clint Eastwood's empty chair.) Nerd kisses Bar Rafaeli (2013)

Win one for the nerds! GoDaddy always seems to have good commercials. Bar Rafaeli is of course a model and the guy plays the stereotypical nerd.

The best part: supposedly the kiss took 65 takes!

How do you get cast for something like that? I wonder if they mentioned to him ahead of time that Bar Rafaeli would be involved.

Mercedes-Benz: Obligatory Kate Upton car washing commercial (2013)


Want more? Here are more than 20 Super Bowl ads from this year

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