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Arrowheadlines: Kansas City Chiefs News 2/28

Good morning! As you can imagine, there is a lot of reaction to the reported deal to trade Alex Smith to the Chiefs. Read on for those articles and more in today's Kansas City Chiefs news. Enjoy!

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Chiefs Are Better With Alex Smith , But Ghosts Of Past Quarterback Failures Linger from KC Star

Trading for Alex Smith - who took the 49ers within a whisker of the Super Bowl two years ago and was the league's leading passer when he got hurt last year - makes the Chiefs better. To win games in 2013, this was the Chiefs' best available option. Dorsey is a football man, and winning is his main concern.

What Dorsey couldn't have known is that the baggage Chiefs fans come by honestly means one of the most important decisions that he and new coach Andy Reid will ever make here cannot be judged in a vacuum. Impossible.

Chiefs fans have been in an emotionally abusive relationship with quarterbacks since beloved Hall of Famer Len Dawson retired in 1975. They want nothing more than for Smith to win a championship here, but they've seen their team fail too many times, with too many other teams' backups, to be universally thrilled by Wednesday's news.

Chiefs To Get QB Alex Smith In Trade With Niners from KC Star

Following the recent hiring of coach Andy Reid and general manager John Dorsey, finding a starting quarterback became priority No. 1 for the Chiefs. They scoured the trade and potential free-agent markets and researched quarterbacks who would be available in the draft.

They settled Wednesday on Alex Smith, a part-time starter for the San Francisco 49ers for the past eight seasons. The deal, which cannot become official until the NFL's trading period begins on March 12, would send the Chiefs' second-round pick, 34th overall, plus a conditional pick in 2014, to the 49ers.

"I like this trade a lot," former Chiefs quarterback Rich Gannon said. "I like the timing of it. It allows the Chiefs to kind of move forward with kind of a concrete plan for what they're going to do in terms of free agency and the draft. They've got the centerpiece from an offensive perspective now and they can find the pieces to put around him."

Alex Smith's Family Thrilled About Impending Trade To Chiefs from KC Star

Because he's technically a member of the San Francisco 49ers until March 12, quarterback Alex Smith cannot comment on his impending trade to the Chiefs.

But his family is looking forward to the move.

"From my perspective, we're very excited about it," said Smith's mother, Pam, from her home in San Diego. "We're very excited about the opportunity, the situation, the coach ... Andy Reid is an offensive-minded quarterback coach, and so well-respected and well-thought of, so we're really excited about that."

Smith Gives Chiefs At Least A Chance, And That's Enough In Today's NFL from Sports Illustrated

We can't agree on much in this world, but I think we can agree on this: If you ran the Kansas City Chiefs, you would have traded for Alex Smith.

This doesn't mean it will work. Nothing is guaranteed in life, except for all that money the Yankees owe Alex Rodriguez. But this was a risk that Andy Reid and the Chiefs had to take, because if they didn't, where would they be?

Kansas City?

Yes. But also doomed.

Chiefs ready To Rally Around Alex Smith from USA Today

Kansas City Chiefs players are preparing to rally around quarterback Alex Smith once his trade from the San Francisco 49ers is finalized after the new league year begins March 12.

"I know I'm going to do everything I can to help him," Chiefs right tackle Eric Winston told USA TODAY Sports on Wednesday.

The Chiefs, under new coach Andy Reid and new general manager John Dorsey, finalized an agreement to trade San Francisco their second-round draft pick and a conditional draft pick in 2014 in exchange for Smith, the No. 1 pick in the 2005 draft who was unseated as the 49ers starter in November.

49ers Agree To Trade Alex Smith To Kansas City Chiefs from The San Jose Mercury News

Former Kansas City Chiefs general manager Scott Pioli said he wasn't surprised at Smith's price tag on the trade market. "But the one thing I've heard in talking to some good sources is that this thing hasn't been completely finalized yet," Pioli told SiriusXM NFL Radio. "I think they're still working through some of the absolute details on what the compensation is."

Pioli suggested that the Chiefs may look to acquire a lower-round pick with Smith before the deal is completed in two weeks. "What's been a new trend in the NFL is people generally kick picks back," Pioli added. "Even if they're going to give up a higher pick, they want to get something later in the draft so they at least have a volume of picks to have more opportunities."

Chiefs To Get Alex Smith, Cut Cassel from ESPN

As a result of the trade, the Chiefs are expected to release former starting quarterback Matt Cassel, league sources told ESPN. Cassel has two years remaining on a $63 million, six-year deal he signed with Kansas City after he was acquired in a trade from the Patriots in 2009. He failed to live up to the lofty contract, however, and was benched during the 2012 season.

At this point, Smith will play under the terms of his remaining contract, which calls for a guaranteed base salary of $8.5 million in 2013. There have been no discussions between the Chiefs and Smith's representatives about negotiating a new contract.

Costello: Alex Smith Good Fit For Kansas City Chiefs from The Augusta Gazette

Just last year, Smith was the highest rated quarterback through the first seven weeks. Not Tom Brady. Not Peyton Manning. Not Aaron Rodgers, to whom Smith forever will be linked. When he finally got consistency around him, Smith shined.

He even did what some doubters thought he'd never do. He came through in the clutch. Twice against the Saints two years ago in one of the greatest playoff games in recent memory, Smith led two comeback TD drives. On the first, he ran it in himself on a old-school Stanford sweep. He showed great athleticism, followed by great fire and passion after he celebrated. On the second, he threw one of the most well-placed passes in the postseason since Ben Roethlisberger's Super Bowl winner to Santonio Holmes. Smith threaded the needle to find Vernon Davis for an emotional game winner.

That is the Smith Kansas City will get.

Chiefs' Success Dependent On Whether Alex Smith Thrives Without Jim Harbaugh from Yahoo! sports

The Kansas City Chiefs' seemingly endless search for a quarterback has settled on Alex Smith, and the deal - which includes multiple draft picks - will work or wilt based on a simple question.

Is the Alex Smith the Chiefs are getting the same one who played well for the San Francisco 49ers the past couple of years, or is that guy mostly the product of Jim Harbaugh's coaching?

Smith's performance prior to Harbaugh's 2011 arrival to coach the Niners compared to his performance under Harbaugh's leadership is striking.

If Smith can maintain what he learned and sustain, or even escalate, his recent development, then the Chiefs' nearly two-decade hunt for a quality QB - it's been 19 years since Joe Montana's final act ended - is over.

Twitter Reaction To Chiefs' Trade For Alex Smith from KC Star

@RobRiggle:Just got off my flight and found out the Chiefs have picked up Alex Smith! This is outstanding! Way to go Chiefs! Welcome Alex!!!

| Comedian and KC-area native Rob Riggle

@RealSkipBayless:AlexSmith deal bad for both teams. More valuable as 49er backup than w/ AReid. Will struggle under pressure to save that franchise.

| ESPN personality Skip Bayless

Just What Kansas City Needs, Another SF QB from

And just like that, the Kansas City Chiefs have added another future quarterback bust to their stable. Hasn't the Chiefs brass learned that acquiring former 49ers QBs does not help this team?...

...When the 2013 season starts, the Chiefs will be handing the reins over to the fifth former 49er quarterback. Yes, Smith had a good season and a half with the 49ers while Jim Harbaugh was the head coach, but the five years before that was nothing to jump up and down in joy about.

Chiefs Should Still Target QB In Draft from FS Kansas City

And don't assume that just because the Chiefs now have landed Alex Smith that they won't be drafting a quarterback at all this April. Dorsey was trained under the Ron Wolf-Ted Thompson philosophy in Green Bay that dictates that you can never have enough quality depth at quarterback.

When Brett Favre was the quarterback in Green Bay, Wolf still drafted Mark Brunell, Matt Hasselbeck and Aaron Brooks, all of whom eventually became starters elsewhere. Reid was on the Packers staff during that time.

Mr. Smith Lands In KC from Warpaint Illustrated

As we said over the weekend, the Chiefs (who we're told are ecstatic this deal is done), believe Smith can lead them now and that Foles, should they acquire him at a later date, will give Kansas City the young quarterback that they can develop into a starter down the road. I'm told, as of this writing, they prefer this route versus drafting a young quarterback in April.

Still now that the price has been set for trading quarterbacks the Eagles might want more draft value for Foles and could start talking to other teams now that Smith has landed in Kansas City.

What's Next For Kansas City? from ESPN

The Kansas City Chiefs two biggest needs coming out of a disastrous 2-14 2012 season were to improve at coach and quarterback.

It's not even March and the Chiefs have addressed both areas. In January, they replaced the overmatched Romeo Crennel with highly-decorated Andy Reid. The Matt Cassel era is now over and the Chiefs have replaced him with Alex Smith, who was will be acquired in a trade that was agreed upon Wednesday.

Dilfer Likes Smith Fit In Kansas City from ESPN

ESPN analyst Trent Dilfer was teammates with fellow quarterback Alex Smith in San Francisco; last month, Dilfer said he thought Andy Reid and Kansas City would go after Smith because Reid has long liked Smith.

So it was no surprise Dilfer said Wednesday that he thinks the trade that will send Smith from San Francisco to Kansas City will be a good one for the Chiefs. Dilfer was on ESPN's "NFL Live" to discuss the matter.

Here is what Dilfer had to say about the deal:

San Francisco 49ers Agree To Trade Alex Smith To Chiefs from

With his smarts and his underrated mobility, Smith makes a lot of sense as an Andy Reid-style quarterback. He can help the Chiefs compete right away because the team has talent on defense and some pieces in place offensively like Jamaal Charles, Jon Baldwin and possibly Dwayne Bowe, who sounds likely to get the franchise tag. The downside for Smith: He doesn't have Jim Harbaugh to guide him anymore.

Smith had a ton of ups and downs in San Francisco. Now he gets what he wanted most: A fresh start and an organization that truly wants him.

Reports: Smith Off To KC; 49ers To Haul In Draft Picks from The Sacramento Bee

A 49ers source cautioned that the reports are "premature" given that a deal can't be official until March 12. Arizona, for instance, also has expressed interest in Smith. But it's very hard to see another team beating the Chiefs' offer. Kansas City's commitment also indicates that Smith is on board with the move. Smith and his wife, Elizabeth, recently had dinner with general manager Trent Baalke to discuss possible moves.

Once the trade is complete, the 49ers will have five, top-100 picks in the draft: Nos. 31, 34, 61, 74, and 93. In addition, they are expecting either a third- or a fourth-round pick as compensation next month for losing receiver Josh Morgan in free agency last year.

Chiefs' Acquisition Of Smith Has Implications For QBs Everywhere from CBS Sports

If you're wondering how many top-shelf quarterbacks there are in this year's draft class, theKansas City Chiefs just provided an answer. They preferred veteran Alex Smith to anyone on their board.

Smith isn't extraordinary, but he's accurate, he's a winner and he doesn't make a lot of mistakes. That sold the Chiefs on him, with Kansas City preferring to part with two second-rounders, including the 34th this year, than gamble on a Geno Smith or Matt Barkley.

Which should tell you something about Smith and Barkley.

Smith, Now No. 2 In San Francisco, Is Expected To Be Sent To The Chiefs from The New York Times

The Chiefs won just two games last season, but they seem poised for a turnaround. The new coach is Andy Reid, who in his long tenure in Philadelphia had success with quarterbacks who had mobility and intelligence, two qualities Smith possesses. The Chiefs have plenty of defensive talent, and they also have a few bright spots on offense, including running back Jamaal Charles and, probably, wide receiver Dwayne Bowe, who could receive the franchise tag.

The Chiefs also hold the first overall pick, which they can now use to select Smith's future bodyguard, Texas A&M left tackle Luke Joeckel, the headliner of a very strong class of offensive linemen.

Alex Smith Trade Sparks Reaction From 49ers Teammates from The Contra Costa Times

Tackle Joe Staley, one of Smith's closest friends on the 49ers, posted on Twitter: "Best of luck to Alex in KC. Amazing teammate, friend, and person."

Another 49ers teammate, safety Donte Whitner, tweeted: "Good luck to Mr. Alex Smith ... The ultimate pro!"

The trade was first reported Wednesday by Jay Glazer of Fox Sports. Three days earlier, Jason LaCanfora of CBS Sports had reported the 49ers had a deal with an unidentified team.

The Value Of Alex Smith from The New Yorker

In making the deal, the Chiefs are betting on two things: that winning in the N.F.L. requires an elite quarterback, and that Smith is an elite quarterback in hiding. Let's take the points in order. The Chiefs were supposed to compete for a Super Bowl last season. They did not. In fact, they were the worst team in the league. The Chiefs had talent on the field-they set a record as the first team in N.F.L. history with six Pro Bowlers and fewer than six wins-but everyone who watched them play agreed that they had a weak link at quarterback in Matt Cassel. (And at head coach in Romeo Crennel, whom they fired after the season ended and replaced with Andy Reid.) This trade happens on the assumption that if the team had had a different player at that one position, things might have gone very differently.

Is the Chiefs' strategy a winning one? Recent evidence suggests it might be.

Chiefs Drawn To Smith's Efficiency from ESPN

In terms of Total QBR, the trade makes a lot of sense from the Chiefs' perspective. Smith was the seventh-most efficient quarterback in 2012 with a rating of 70.1.

The Chiefs, on the other hand, ranked 29th in QBR at 31.9. Only the Browns, Jets and Cardinals were worse last season.

One reason that Smith posted such a high QBR in 2012 is that he was an accurate passer who took care of the ball.

Does Alex Smith Make The Chiefs A Contender? from

No quarterback the Chiefs could have drafted would have helped them anytime in the near future. This trade is a great one for the Chiefs and it helps the team now. Alex Smith will fit into this team perfectly. He is a very accurate and consistent quarterback who does not force or rush many decisions. He not only will make the Chiefs a better passing team but also a better rushing team, which should make every team in the NFL tremble at the thought.

Purdy: Assuming The Worst In Alex Smith Trade from The San Jose Mercury News

Also, the law of unintended NFL consequences could well come back to bite the 49ers. With Smith joining the Chiefs, it means Matt Cassel will surely leave Kansas City. He could therefore wind up with the Arizona Cardinals, who are also seeking a starting quarterback. The 49ers were wisely not going to trade Smith within their division. But if Cassel, who won a division title with the Chiefs in 2010, should end up in Arizona and help boost the Cardinals back into contending status -- or deal a costly defeat to the 49ers -- don't forget how he got there.

Conventional wisdom is that the 49ers could not have kept Smith for financial reasons, because they owed him more than $8 million for the 2013 season. A trade undeniably beats releasing him with no return compensation. But the truth is, the 49ers could have afforded Smith because Kaepernick will make less than a million bucks in 2013.

Is Alex Smith The Chiefs' Answer? from The Wichita Eagle

He's not Kaepernick or Robert Griffin III or Russell Wilson. He's not one of the new breed of quarterbacks who have created so much excitement around the NFL.

But he's a quarterback who has a resume. His numbers in 2011 and 2012 were good, bordering on outstanding. It's incumbent on the Chiefs, of course, to build an offense around him. Smith will have Jamaal Charles in the backfield, and that's a good start. What he'll have in the receiving is anybody's guess. Will Dwayne Bowe be a Chief in 2013? Smith would probably like that.

Alex Smith Leaves Muddled 49ers Legacy from CSN Bay Area

Alex Smith is the definition of a polarizing figure in the Bay Area. There are those that have supported him all along and those that wanted Aaron Rodgers drafted from the beginning.

Over his eight years with the 49ers, Smith's local popularity has loosely followed the path of an inverse bell curve.

Poor Alex Smith Must Be Cursed from

I wonder what he felt today, when he learned he has been sent to the lowly Chiefs and a pass happy, bad-play calling, no idea how to manage a game clock, walking heart attack of a head coach? Maybe he is not too familiar with Andy Reid's body of work and just looks at his overall record?

What Alex Smith is going to have to endure will probably be as painful as watching Kaepernick take control of his team. Under Reid, Alex is sure to be dialing up 40 to 50 passes a game, which means no running game. No matter what Reid says he abandons the run, year after year, failure after failure, no matter what. Andy Reid will never run the ball enough to convince a defense the run is something to worry about. Every single time Smith will be trying to pass, the opposing defense will have its ears pinned back like a hungry pit bull going for blood.

Blackledge Curse? Chiefs Swing And Miss With Another QB Retread from CBS Sports

From Joe Montana to Matt Cassel, the Chiefs have chased that quarterback dream for decades with nothing but nightmares in the end.

But new coach Andy Reid, who is the power man calling the shots, has reportedly decided to trade for Smith to be his starter in 2013. Reid loves quarterbacks, so it makes sense. And the Chiefs have talent, but does Alex Smith answer the franchise quarterback question?

As much as I like him as a person -- one of the class acts in the NFL -- I just don't think he does. Can he be serviceable for a few years? You bet. But does serviceable win titles?

Why Smith Deal Makes Sense For Chiefs: Because Less Is More from CBS Sports

Over its past 32 games, Kansas City committed 65 giveaways, which goes a long way toward explaining why the Chiefs stunk. Yes, they could run. Yes, they could play defense. But, no, nobody could hold on to the football, and the Chiefs suffered the consequences.

So now they acquire a quarterback who ranked third last season in passer efficiency and who had eight turnovers in 2012 and 10 the year before. Better yet, he's a quarterback with a 3:1 ratio in touchdowns to turnovers the past two seasons, and that should work for coach Andy Reid. He's the guy who suffered with a club that combined for 75 turnovers in 2011-12, and he decided enough was enough.

Winner And Losers In 49ers-Chiefs Alex Smith Trade from CBS Sports


Matt Cassel: An all-but-guaranteed release from the Chiefs just became an even bigger lock. Cassel is as good as gone and will get to hit the free-agent market. He might very well be the top option available on the market (I would personally prefer Matt Moore) ... so maybe I've got him in the wrong spot here?

Andy Reid: Reid just tied his career in Kansas City to Alex Smith, and he did so by giving up two second-round picks in exchange for a quarterback who's struggled during long portions of his career. Smith might fit what Reid wants to do, but if they give the guy an extension suddenly they close the door on developing a younger guy.

Alex Smith Lands On His Feet from ESPN

All you can ask for as a quarterback is an opportunity, and Smith will have a terrific one with the Chiefs once the trade with the 49ers becomes official in early March. Smith will be playing for a coach who has a history of maximizing his quarterbacks' strengths and minimizing their deficiencies...

...Reid is not a micromanager but is a teacher. He involves himself with the quarterbacks while letting his offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach do their jobs. He solicits opinions from his quarterbacks about plays they like and incorporates those into the game plans. And he allows his quarterbacks, particularly the veteran ones, to breathe.

Chiefs Continue To Go With Veteran QB from ESPN

For the foreseeable future, the Chiefs are choosing to go with a veteran quarterback as their starter. Smith will be 29 in May. The trade for Smith means the Chiefs will not use the No. 1 pick on a quarterback. There was a thought Kansas City would use its second-round pick on a quarterback in a class that is considered pretty weak. Now, that option is gone.

Thus, it appears a long streak will move forward. The last time the Chiefs won a game quarterbacked by a player the team drafted was in 1987 when 1983 first-round pick Todd Blackledge led the team.

Alex Smith Trade Great For 49ers And Chiefs from The San Francisco Chronicle

And speaking of Smith, he goes to a team with a dynamic running back in Jamaal Charles and a better than decent offensive line. rated the Chiefs' offensive line 12th-best in the league, and they are likely to get better with health and new coach Andy Reid's stated desire to improve the line in the draft.

Smith should also do favorably in Reid's West Coast offense, which is predicated on a high completion percentage and short throws.

Alex Smith To Chiefs: Thoughts On Trade from ESPN

Teams covet quarterbacks, but they haven't been shelling out huge money for unproven ones since the Kevin Kolb deal in Arizona. Matt Flynn got far less last offseason, for example. The success Smith has enjoyed the past two seasons, particularly in 2012, made him more appealing than the typical quarterback to hit the trade market. The 49ers went 19-5-1 with Smith starting over the past two seasons. Go ahead and credit the 49ers' coaching staff, but also realize the Chiefs' staff, led by Andy Reid, knows a little about quarterbacks, as well.

Alex Smith Over/Unders Released from CBS Sports

It didn't take long to post odds on how Alex Smith will fare quarterbacking the Chiefs.

Here are Smith's Over/Unders:

Passing yards -- 3,000
Touchdowns -- 18.5
Interceptions -- 10.5.

Inside Slant: Alex Smith vs Matt Cassel from ESPN

The Chiefs, meanwhile, weren't targeting the Smith who struggled with injuries and constant coordinator turnover years ago. They hope they're getting the Smith who ranked among the NFL's better quarterbacks recently, especially last season.

The second chart shows why Smith could be appealing as an alternative to Cassel. He led the NFL in completion percentage (70.2), ranked seventh in Total QBR (70.1) and was third in NFL passer rating (104.1). He also had a 19-5-1 starting record over the past two seasons.

Alex Smith Faces Toughest Test Yet With Chiefs from

Andy Reid is another proven quarterback whisperer, but his future with the Chiefs is now tied directly to the performance of a passer that Harbaugh saw limitations in. Fox Sports insider and NFL Network contributor Jay Glazer reports Reid adores Smith. They will walk through the fire together.

It's easy to look at the Chiefs and view them as a team dotted with skill players and young risers on defense. They fielded multiple Pro Bowlers this season -- on paper they're attractive -- but on the field they crumbled to 2-14. Quarterback issues contributed heavily, but this is not a playoff-ready team and Smith will be forced to play outside of himself to propel this offense.

Open Thread: Let's Make Fun Of Alex Smith from Bolts From The Blue

It seems like there's a lot of people that want to talk today, myself included, so I thought an open thread would be in order.

I want to make jokes about how Andy Reid has crafted himself a fine trade to bring his team an older, less successful version of Nick Foles (who has a 1-5 career record as the Eagles' starter). I want to talk about Smith only having success in an offense where he was being hidden, and how that relates to him being traded to a West Coast play-calling Head Coach that loves nothing more than to throw the ball more than run it. I want to laugh about the picture above and how intimidated Smith looks of Kaepernick's tattoos and charisma.

So, that's why this open thread exists. Let's go crazy.

Alex Smith Still Not Fantasy-Worthy from ESPN

The Kansas City Chiefs are at it again, once again dealing for another team's backup quarterback while seeking a solution for their problems under center. Four years ago, it was Matt Cassel, and now it's Alex Smith. According to sources, the Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers agreed to a deal that will send Smith to Kansas City, though the deal won't be official until March 12...

...The larger point is that Smith just isn't very good. I'm not saying he's an awful player, but he's a QB you must manage to within an inch of his life.

Trent Richardson Poised For 2013 Fantasy Success from

What sort of value will Alex Smith have with the Kansas City Chiefs? Does he make Dwayne Bowe a better fantasy option? - R. Modisett (via Facebook)

M.F.: This move obviously helps Smith's fantasy appeal - he goes from the backup in San Francisco to a starter in Kansas City, and being a quarterback in coach Andy Reid's pass-laden offense is always a positive. However, I still don't see Smith as more than a late-round, low-end No. 2 fantasy quarterback. Remember, he was a bust for all intents and purposes before coach Jim Harbaugh came along for the Niners. Can he be effective without him? That remains to be seen. Smith was also mostly a game manager, so it's hard to envision a scenario where he all of a sudden puts up monster numbers. As for Bowe, Smith is definitely an upgrade over Matt Cassel and will make the veteran wideout a bit more attractive - assuming he remains with the Chiefs next season.

AFC West Mock Draft: Take III from ESPN

Kansas City Chiefs: OT Luke Joeckel, Texas A&M. I don't love this choice because I know the Chiefs are still interested in keeping free agent Branden Albert. But the Chiefs don't have many clear-cut options. I think they could let Albert walk and draft Joeckel and use the money intended for Albert elsewhere. This is very much a fluid situation.

The Shutdown Corner Post-Combine Mock Draft, Picks 1-16: Linemen Rule The Roost from Yahoo! Sports

1. Kansas City Chiefs: Eric Fisher, OT, Central Michigan. Andy Reid knows about offensive line. He also knows that the Chiefs aren't just a few missing pieces away from the playoffs. Because he's in the starting stages of a multiyear rebuilding project, he can take Fisher, who I think has more overall potential, instead of the more pro-ready Luke Joeckel. Fisher absolutely dominated Senior Bowl week and looked great at the combine. He's an elite pass-blocker who's stronger in run-blocking than people think. Amazing footwork as well. Oh, and Alex Smith will have another first-round left tackle from Central Michigan (following Joe Staley of the Niners). How random is that?

Brady Quinn Could Join Jets from ProFootballTalk

So how do the cap-strapped Jets fill out their quarterback depth chart when one of them will make $8.25 million this year, whether he's on the team or not?

Enter Brady Quinn. (I think I just heard the bowels of every Jets fan simultaneously release.)

Inside Free Agency - Day 18: Danny Amendola from The Mothership

Danny Amendola has taken the road less traveled in his quest to become an NFL wide receiver. Undrafted, coming out of Texas Tech in 2008, he was initially signed by the Dallas Cowboys and was featured on "Hard Knocks," during Dallas' training camp. He spent the 2008 season on the Cowboys practice squad, was later signed by the Eagles, before finding a home in St. Louis. It remains to be seen if the Rams will keep Amendola or let him test the waters of free agency.

Name: Danny Amendola
Position: WR
Height: 5'11
Weight: 188
College: Texas Tech
Born: November 2nd, 1985 (The Woodlands, TX)
Age: 27
Experience: 4 years
Drafted: Undrafted in 2008

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