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Alex Smith's new team has sacked him 9 times

The Kansas City Chiefs are 2-0 against Alex Smith. That comes from a 41-0 beat down back in 2006 and the more recent 31-10 beat down in 2010. Smith was beat up in both games getting sacked a total of nine times. Tamba Hali, in particular, was brutal with 4.5 of those sacks.

Joe Robbins

Back in 2006...

Younger versions of Tamba Hali and Derrick Johnson combined for three sacks on Smith while Kawika Mitchell (remember him?) added another for a total of four sacks. Smith was in a quarterback duel against ... Damon Huard. Or something like that.

From that postgame report:

The revamped and obviously improved Kansas City defense held Alex Smith to 92 yards passing and the 49ers to 93 yards rushing. In their first three games, the 49ers had given up only four sacks.But the Chiefs took Smith down five times."It's pretty discouraging," 49ers coach Mike Nolan said. "That's a pretty tough loss. I would say that's the most difficult loss in the year and a half that I have been here. I didn't see lack of effort. I saw a lot of poor play."

The Chiefs won that game, 41-0.

Back in 2010...

This was just as bad for Alex Smith. Tamba Hali took over the game with three sacks while Ron Edwards (!) and Andy Studebaker each added a sack for a total of five in that game. That game moved the Chiefs to 3-0 on the season, the last undefeated team that year. It was also the game Shaun Smith was accused of grabbing someone's junk.

From that postgame report:

The 49ers wound up with 251 total yards, which included 53 yards on their final two plays. Linebacker Tamba Hali had three sacks as the rejuvenated defense under first-year coordinator Romeo Crennel harried Alex Smith all day and. Frank Gore rushed for just 43 yards on 15 carries and had 102 yards on nine catches.

"We were pretty ineffective the entire game," Smith said. "I don't know if there is anything to point to. I think it is everything. We were pretty inept all the way around, throwing the ball, running the ball, protecting, penalties, it was all in there."

The Chiefs won that game, 31-10.

Two games, nine sacks. I'm happy that the Chiefs did that ... but also kinda sad that they were doing it to their new QB. It's like a real world glass case of emotion.

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