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Report: Chiefs, Eagles have talked about Nick Foles

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid was asked on Thursday about his former quarterback with the Philadelphia Eagles, Nick Foles, but Reid stated that Foles is an Eagle and he is not available. USA Today reports that later that day the Chiefs did inquire about Foles' availability.

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Christian Petersen

Last Thursday KC Chiefs head coach Andy Reid was asked about Nick Foles and he said, "He's not available. Nick is the property of the Philadelphia Eagles and they like him." That's not where the story ends, according to a report from Mike Garafolo of USA Today, who writes that later that same day the Chiefs did approach the Eagles about Foles' availability.

However, the report states that the Eagles told the Chiefs what they've been saying publicly -- that they like Foles and expect him to compete with Michael Vick.

That just means that, right now, the Eagles like Foles. Which doesn't necessarily mean very much. Trades won't go down until the new league year opens on March 12, which is also the day free agency begins. The Chiefs could find a quarterback elsewhere. The Eagles could start shopping Foles. The Chiefs could make another trade. Lots can happen between now and then.

The Combine is a time when everyone is under the same roof and these types of things are discussed. Probably a lot more than we realize.

The Chiefs have also been connected to Alex Smith, who they're apparently interested in as well.

The big picture takeaway, if these reports are accurate, is that the Chiefs are seeking a quarterback outside of the draft. Maybe it's in addition to the draft but these reports about Alex Smith and Nick Foles suggest they want to find someone that can start right away. At least that's what I'm taking out of it.

Which then leads us into Matt Cassel. USA Today also reports that Cassel has not been offered a pay cut and that reading the tea leaves shows Cassel is "destined to be released" soon. Chiefs GM John Dorsey was asked about Cassel on Friday and he said there are "ongoing conversations" with Cassel's camp. If a Cassel release is in the cards, it will likely come before March 12.

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