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2013 NFL Draft: John Dorsey says Chiefs are considering 333 players for the first pick

Kansas City Chiefs GM John Dorsey spoke from the 2013 NFL Combine on Friday. Among the topics he hit on were the future of Branden Albert (of course), the first pick in the 2013 NFL Draft, and lots of quarterback talk. Oh, and when asked about who the Chiefs are considering for the top pick, he said all 333 players at the Combine. Read on for updates from Dorsey's media session.

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-What is the future of Branden Albert? There are ongoing discussions, Dorsey said. On Albert he said, "It's been an ongoing communication with his representatives. We've had those discussions for the last couple of weeks. We'll continue to have those conversations as we get to free agency."

-The Chiefs will meet with 6-8 quarterbacks at the Combine. Dorsey didn't say who those were but Geno Smith will be one of them. I imagine the other top guys will be, too.

-How many players is Dorsey considering for the No. 1 pick? "I'm considering 333 players in the Combine right now." Oh.

-Will Dorsey pick someone besides the best player available? No, he won't.


-Dorsey was asked about his comment to the KC Star a few weeks ago that he didn't necessarily see a first round quarterback in the draft. "We haven't finished the final process of evaluations," Dorsey said. "When I made that comment, it was the first phase of the evaluations. It's an ongoing situation. At the end, we'll see what happens. But it will be the best available player."

-On Dontari Poe, Dorsey said, "I had never seen a player of his size and his strength do so many of the athletic things that he's done. If you really watch him as he developed and progressed in the 2012 season, he started slow and was just beginning to get an understanding of how it was to make the transition from college to pros. If you watched the later part of the film, you saw a player who had some unique traits. He has a lot of room to become a really good player for years to come in the NFL."


-Dorsey's press conference was a lot like Andy Reid's. They did a lot of talking ... but not about many specifics.

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