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Arrowheadlines: Kansas City Chiefs News 2/22

Good morning and hello, Combine! Tons of Kansas City Chiefs stories out there this morning. Keep reading for info and analysis on Bowe, Foles, Smith (both of them), Joeckel, Albert, trading the No.1 pick, and the newest member of the Chiefs' Hall of Honor. Enjoy!

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If Looking For A QB Via Trade, Chiefs May Face Slim Pickings from KC Star

The Chiefs' Andy Reid was Philadelphia's coach when the Eagles drafted Nick Foles. General manager John Dorsey was Green Bay's director of college scouting when the Packers drafted Matt Flynn.

But if the Chiefs have plans to acquire either of those players and install him as the starting quarterback next season, they might have to make an overwhelming trade offer.

The general managers for their respective teams said at the NFL Scouting Combine that they had no plans to trade Foles or Flynn.

2013 NFL Scouting Combine Notebook: Day 1 from The Mothership

Coach Reid made history Thursday, speaking for the first time ever at the NFL Scouting Combine, bringing a fresh, rejuvenating attitude to the Chiefs, identifying what the team needs for a successful future in Kansas City.

"It's important that we all do our jobs and do it to the best of our ability," Reid said.

"I'm saying it for both coaches and players; it takes both and the players I've talked to, they understand you have to give up a little to get a positive result. As they enter this offseason, they really have to dedicate themselves, as do the coaches, (to) pulling this thing together and making the Kansas City Chiefs better."

Q & A With Chiefs Coach Andy Reid At Scouting Combine from KC Star

On whether Dwayne Bowe would play for the Chiefs next season either as the franchise player or with a long-term contract:

"We are going through that right now. Free agency kicks off here in a little bit, and we will see what happens before free agency. The main thing is, there is communication there and we'll just see how it works out over the next few weeks."

Head Coach Andy Reid - 2013 Combine from The Mothership

Q: Can you give us an evaluation of the quarterbacks you currently have on your roster?

REID: "I've had the opportunity to go through and look at the quarterbacks. I think that Scott Pioli did a good job of bringing guys in to give us an opportunity to win games with some of the guys that are there. Again, we are going to go through the whole process of looking at the college kids that are here, free agency and any trade possibilities that come up."

Carl Peterson Likes What The Chiefs Are Doing With Reid, Dorsey from KC Star

A major dilemma for Reid and Dorsey is to find a quarterback for the Chiefs. There are no star quarterbacks available as Joe Montana was when Peterson and the Chiefs traded for him in 1993. The draft doesn't hold any can't miss quarterback prospects.

"It was always my philosophy to get the seasoned veteran quarterback who had been successful and been through it before," Peterson said. "Any time you draft a quarterback, he's got a heck of a learning curve to get through, depending where you pick and who's available. But I wouldn't be surprised if Andy did that."

NFL Scouting Combine Includes New Player Assessment from The Mothership

Despite being administered the same way, in a classroom setting, this test is different from the traditional 12-minute Wonderlic Test, which is given to gauge the player's intelligence.

The new NFL Player Assessment Test is a 60-minute exam, intended to provide an inclusive look at a player's "non-physical capabilities, aptitudes and strengths," according to an NFL memo obtained by's Steve Wyche.

Washington attorney Cyrus Mehri and Harold Goldstein, an associate professor of industrial/organizational psychology at Baruch College, The City University of New York, developed the new test for the league.

"We're trying to capture different ways people are smart," Mehri said.

The NFL Combine: A Former Player's Perspective from The Mothership

In my opinion, In these situations, body language says more about the mental make up of a player than anything else. Do they look you in they eye? Do they seem attentive? When you talk to them, does it seem important to them? If I'm evaluating QBs, I'm paying even more attention to this. Does he have charisma? Can you see him as a leader? That's what a lot of these coaches, GMs and scouts will be looking for through the rest of the week in Indy.

In the end, 15 minutes just simply is not enough time to get a true grasp of a player's mental make-up, especially when you have something as valuable as the number one overall pick in your hands. You can expect the Chiefs evaluation of their top prospects to continue in the days following the combine as prospects participate in their Pro Days at their Universities.

Worst Previous Drafts By The Chiefs' Andy Reid And John Dorsey from KC Star

Reid's worst draft: 2010

Wonder why the Eagles struggled in Reid's last two seasons? The last three drafts under Reid's watch were not very fruitful, and the 2010 crop might have been the worst. The Eagles, through trades made in 2009 and on draft day, had 13 picks in the 2010 draft, and most of them were big misses.

Because the Eagles went 11-5 in 2009, they were picking 24th. The Eagles traded their first pick to Denver, moved up to No. 14 and took defensive end Brandon Graham of Michigan in the first round. Graham has made just 12 starts in three years, though he finished 2012 strong with four of his 5 1/2 sacks after regaining his starting spot in week 12.

Former Colts GM: Chiefs Shouldn't Force A QB Into The No.1 Spot from KC Star

But Polian, who ran the Colts' draft in 1998 when they selected Peyton Manning with the first pick, was clear on what the Chiefs shouldn't do: force the need for a quarterback. Like many assessing this year's draft, Polian said there's not a quarterback worthy of being the No. 1 selection.

"Just because there's not a quarterback that everybody now doesn't think is worth the No. 1 pick doesn't mean you can't get a quarterback," Polian said. "Nobody thought Russell Wilson was worth a third-round pick except a couple of us. He turned out to be a pretty good quarterback.

"You always go for the best player. It's foolish to go for need and Andy won't do that."

Texas A&M's Joeckel Was Born To Block from KC Star

"I love offensive line," Joeckel, the Texas A&M offensive tackle, said Thursday at the NFL scouting combine. "Growing up, I thought I was too athletic for the position. I was a quarterback in junior high.

"I ended up on the offensive line just because I was the biggest guy on the team. Offensive line is what I was born to play. I love the position and the physical aspect of it. You finish every single play with a one-on-one block. There aren't many positions on the field like that."

Joeckel at Texas A&M played tackle well enough that he's considered the best available at his position in this year's NFL Draft. He's also one of the top players at any position and could be of interest to the Chiefs with the top pick in the draft.

Inside Free Agency - Day 12: Steven Jackson from The Mothership

Before the Rams regular season finale in 2012, Steven Jackson talked about possible retirement, uncertain if he'll return to the team, leave in free agency or hang up the cleats.

If Jackson is in the NFL in 2013, here's a look at what he'll likely bring to the table.

Name: Steven Jackson
Position: RB
Height: 6'2
Weight: 240
College: Oregon State
Born: July 22, 1983 (Las Vegas, Nevada)
Age: 29
Experience: 9 years
Drafted: 2004, 1st Round-24th pick by St. Louis Rams

Pro Bowl With Chiefs Cheerleader Ashley from The Mothership

Three year Chiefs Cheerleader Ashley experienced the opportunity of a lifetime, representing the Chiefs in Hawaii during the 2013 Pro Bowl.

The announcement was made during the Chiefs vs. Broncos game on November 25, 2012. Ashley was shocked and excited for the opportunity to represent the Chiefs at the Pro Bowl.

When she returned from Hawaii, I sat down with her to find out how the trip went and get a behind the scenes look as to what it was like to cheer at the Pro Bowl.

Andy Reid Talks Pick, Dwayne Bowe from ESPN

Reid said no decision has been made on Bowe, though it appears franchising him again is a possibility if they can't sign him to a new deal. The only other option is to let him test the free-agent market.

"We are going through that right now," Reid said. "Free agency kicks off here in a little bit (March 12), and we will see what happens before free agency. The main thing is, there is communication there and we'll just see how it works out over the next few weeks."

Andy Reid: Kansas City Chiefs Open To Trading Top Pick from

The Chiefs need a quarterback. They need a few of them. But you'd be hard-pressed to find an NFL scout or coach willing to label Smith as the best player available in this year's draft. Nobody tells the truth at the combine, but Reid doesn't sound like a guy about to roll the dice on a passer with the No. 1 pick.

'Ultimate Grinder' Dorsey Begins Rebuilding In Kansas City from The Green Bay Press Gazette

"He's the ultimate grinder, like never stops," said Schneider of Dorsey. "Loves, loves, loves college football, the tradition of it, the pageantry, he loves going to the games. He can't get enough college football.

"And he's huge on tradition, so being able to go to Kansas City for him, really hard to leave green bay having played there and everything, but if there were a team to go to with that type of tradition, really excited for him."

Gary Barbaro Chosen For Kansas City Chiefs Hall Of Fame from Sports NOLA

Gary Barbaro received the news today that he will be inducted into the Kansas City Chiefs Hall of Fame. The ceremony will take place at Arrowhead Stadium at a date yet to be determined this October.

Kansas City Chiefs president and CEO, Clark Hunt, delivered the news to Barbaro by phone Thursday afternoon.

For What It's Worth: February 22 from KWCH

New coach Andy Reid claims that they haven't decided what to do with Matt Cassell, but anyone who's followed this team knows that he's damaged goods. That leaves free agency or trade. The key people in that realm are Matt Flynn in Seattle, Alex Smith of the 49ers and Philadelphia's Nick Fols[sic]. The problem is that none of those guys look like they will come easily. All three have been talked about glowingly by their current General Managers, who claim that they have no plans to separate with them. Translation: It's going to take a huge package to pry one of these guys away. I wonder if the Chiefs can afford to do that, then again, I wonder if they can afford to not.

Nick Foles Trade Rumors: Chiefs Could Acquire QB For 3rd Round Pick, Per Report from SB Nation

Mortensen said on ESPN's "NFL 32" a third-rounder would probably be the going rate to acquire Foles. He seems to believe Kansas City is inclined to head to the bargaining table for the 24-year-old passer.

49ers GM Trent Baalke Won't Commit To Moving Alex Smith from USA Today

"I was out to dinner with Liz (Smith's wife) and Alex when we got back from the Super Bowl,'' Baalke said inside the Lucas Oil Stadium media interview room at the scouting combine Thursday. "We had a great conversation, great dinner. Just a chance to sit down with him and go through what our thoughts were and listen to what their thoughts were as a family and really get an understanding of what direction we wanted to go.

"Are we going to trade him for sure? No, that hasn't been decided.''

Extra Points: From Mecca To Mizzou, Abdullah Returns To The NFL from The Chicago Tribune

Abdullah announced the signing by posting a picture of his Chiefs contract with the message, "Unofficially official."

"I appreciate everyone for keeping myself and my family in your prayers this past year," Abdullah tweeted. "It was greatly appreciated.

"Looking forward to my time in KC. Whether it be 7 days or 7 years. I'll do my best to honor the organization the way it ought to be honored."

Run Fast At The Combine And You Might Be A Raider from The Wall Street Journal

It seems the Kansas City Chiefs place a lot of stock in the vertical jump-acquiring three of the top 15 performers since 2006-while the New York Giants are partial to players who excel at the bench press, having drafted three of the top 15 standouts in that drill...

...The Chiefs may choose to focus on players with extraordinary leaping ability because their struggles at the quarterback position has meant their receivers see a lot of wayward passes.

Joeckel, Jokes Highlight First Day Of Combine from The Dayton Daily News

"It would be really cool, a dream come true," he said. "I am definitely striving to be the No. 1 pick, going through this entire process and playing this season and all that kind of stuff. But my dream is to just play in the NFL. Being the No. 1 pick, after that it doesn't really matter. You've got to go prove yourself in the NFL."

The Kansas City Chiefs have the No. 1 overall pick.

"That would be a good place to go," Joeckel said. "I've been to Kansas City once before and loved the barbecue there."

NFL Combine: Soft-Spoken Joeckel Stands Out In Loaded O-Line Class from CBS Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs own the No. 1 pick and a need at left tackle. They're expected to part with Branden Albert, the 15th overall pick in 2008 who battled back issues last season.

"I did have a chance to look at him, and I'll tell you, he's a pretty good football player," Chiefs coach Andy Reid said of Albert. "I heard he's a pretty good football player on film, and he was a pretty good football player. I haven't had an opportunity to meet him. I look forward to having that opportunity."

Chiefs Got Horrible Financial Return On 'D' from ESPN

The Chiefs, who had four Pro Bowl players on defense, ranked 30th in the NFL on defense. However, according to this report, Kansas City was ranked fifth in the NFL in terms of salary-cap money spent on defense. That was the worst rate in the NFL.

Reid Has Open Plans For No.1 Pick from ESPN

After listening to Reid talk on Thursday, it is clear all options are on the table when it comes to the No. 1 pick. It's all about getting the 2-14 Chiefs better.

The Chiefs could keep the pick and take the best player available, reach (my words, not Reid's) for quarterback Geno Smith, or trade the pick.

10 Pro Athletes Who Probably Didn't Take Steroids from Death and Taxes

Cassel wins the dubious honor of being perhaps the worst quarterback of the 2012-2013 season, heading up the Kansas City Chiefs. While the Chiefs shared their ignominious last-place record with the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Chiefs were statistically the worse team, and Cassel's numbers show the bruises. Hey, it ain't easy facing an entire league of defensemen ‘roided to the gills.

Combine Observations from ESPN

From the sounds of Joeckel in his combine interview with the media, he is an Andy Reid type of guy. I bring up Reid because his Kansas City Chiefs have the first pick in the NFL draft and Joeckel is a candidate for that spot. Joeckel sounds intelligent. He filled in his interview with anecdotes about growing up in a competitive family. Impressive. He also said he measured out at 6-foot-6, 306 pounds. That might not be an intimidating weight for a potential tackle at the top of the draft, but he can lift weights and fill out even more.

The Kinder, Gentler (And Funnier) Andy Reid On Display In Indy from ProFootballTalk

Perhaps the most shocking sight at this year's NFL Scouting Combine happened Thursday, and it had nothing to do with anyone's 40-yard dash time.

Chiefs coach Andy Reid took the podium. Without a team-issued hat on his head. And he talked. And he cracked jokes. And he looked, for a moment, like a man refreshed.

Luke Joeckel Hasn't Met With Chiefs, Off To Good Start At Combine from WEEI

Joeckel said he has not met with the Chiefs, who hold the first pick (so far, he's met with only the Titans and the 49ers), but that he would love to play in Kansas City, noting that he's been there once and loved the barbecue. As for being the first overall pick, Joeckel said it's something he wouldn't take for granted.

Chiefs Time Machine For Sale, Size 46 from The Pitch

Once there was a man who ate only T-bone steaks and walked the same blades of grass as Hank Stram. A man who gave an "atta boy" to Len Dawson and slapped the hindquarters of Warpaint. A man who could handle his whiskey. We know all this because his Size 46 Chiefs Club red sports jacket is for sale (with "no rips or stains").

2013 NFL Combine: AFC West Primer from ESPN

Unless West Virginia quarterback Geno Smith steals the combine; the Chiefs will likely consider taking a quarterback in the second round. If I had to guess, three quarterbacks to watch in the second round may be USC's Matt Barkley, Syracuse's Ryan Nassib and Arkansas' Tyler Wilson. Barkley could be a great fit for Andy Reid's West Coast offense. Barkley's shoulder is still not healed enough for him to throw, but I'm sure the Chiefs will quiz him this week. Video: Head coach Andy Reid At NFL Combine Video: Luke Joeckel Press Conference At The Combine Video: Chiefs Live! Combine Preview Video: 1 On 1 With Adam Caplan

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