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Scott Pioli: Franchise tag Dwayne Bowe, draft Luke Joeckel

You probably don't care what former Kansas City Chiefs GM Scott Pioli would do with their free agents and the No. 1 pick but I'm going to tell you anyway. Pioli appeared on NFL Network on Thursday and gave his plan for the Chiefs.

NFL Network

Scott Pioli is no longer the GM of the Kansas City Chiefs but he's more qualified to talk about the Chiefs roster than most anyone else. (I'll wait for you to make your joke in the comments.) Pioli, who is doing some 2013 NFL Draft work with NFL Network, was asked what the Chiefs should do concerning the top pick in the 2013 NFL Draft and free agents Dwayne Bowe and Branden Albert.

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"A lot has to be determined between now and the draft," Pioli said. "We've got free agency, we've got the franchise tag. They've got three really important players that are unrestricted free agents, they have a number of unrestricted free agents.

"When you look at Dwayne Bowe, Branden Albert and Dustin Colquitt, all players that are truly top players at their position in the league, all that are worthy of the franchise tag. Where are you going to put that? You can put it on Dwayne Bowe then that frees up your opportunity to maybe do something with Branden Albert.

"I think the smart money is on franchising Bowe."

"I think the smart money is on franchising Bowe. This is a buyer's market at the tackle position between the draft and free agency, there's tackles out there. I see it headed towards Dwayne Bowe getting franchised, and go for the tackle who is Luke Joeckel right now in my opinion."

I've been pushing a player besides the left tackle because simply replacing your left tackle doesn't seem like the sexiest use of the first pick. That said, I can see the logic behind drafting Joeckel -- he's roughly half the cost of Albert and considered a better prospect. Mike Mayock said in the same segment there is no excuse for not getting an All-Pro at that spot (cough::TysonJackson::cough). Joeckel seems like the surest bet in that regard.

Does this change your mind on how you view the Draft?

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