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Kansas City Chiefs coach Andy Reid and GM John Dorsey will speak at the 2013 NFL Combine

Andy Reid and John Dorsey, the architects behind what we hope will be a great season for the Chiefs will speak at the 2013 NFL Combine this weekend. What would you ask them?


The 2013 NFL Combine is going down in Indianapolis starting on Thursday morning. This is an opportunity for us to watch not just the prospects but from all the coaches and GMs, including Andy Reid and John Dorsey of the Kansas City Chiefs.

Here's the speaking schedule for Reid and Dorsey this week (that's ET):

Thursday, 3:00 PM: Andy Reid, Kansas City Chiefs Head Coach

Friday, 12:45 PM: John Dorsey, Kansas City Chiefs General Manager

More: Complete Combine speaking schedule

Video and quotes from those media sessions will be circulated.

If you had one question you could ask to each of them, what would it be? Mine are below.

Reid: Do you see a rookie quarterback who could start from day one?

Dorsey: Do you view cornerback or receiver a bigger need? (This is after "Who are you picking No. 1?")

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