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Did Steve Breaston's release by Chiefs come as a surprise to you?

The Kansas City Chiefs decided to release Steve Breaston two years into a five-year contract. Are you surprised that Breaston was cut? Vote in our poll below and let us know what you think in the comments.

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Was I surprised that the KC Chiefs cut Steve Breaston?

Yes, I was.

The Chiefs don't appear to be in the position to be eliminating talent at the receiver position. Dwayne Bowe could maybe probably be back. Jon Baldwin has done nothing at the NFL level. Dexter McCluster is a complementary piece. There's no obvious talent coming through the pipeline right now.

I thought Breaston sitting last year was just some crazy decision by Romeo Crennel, and that when Andy Reid got to town he would see that Breaston could contribute. Apparently not.

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All that said ... there were plenty of signs that this thing was over.

For Breaston, you could've seen the receiver coming up on 30 years old who just posted the worst numbers of his career and couldn't get on the field with one of the worst offenses in the NFL. That perspective could explain Breaston's release a little more. Also: Reid and Romeo are apparently friends. Wonder if they chatted about it.

So, yeah, I was surprised but it's not like I couldn't see at least some of the rationale behind the decisions.

Were you surprised the Chiefs cut Breaston?

Below is a list of people who were surprised and others who knew it all along.

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