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Brad Childress to the Chiefs is 'just a matter of time'

And you thought we forgot about the rumors of Brad Childress to the Kansas City Chiefs. It appears that still has a chance of happening, according to the latest reports.

David Richard-US PRESSWIRE

Way back in January, new Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid was busy putting his staff together. Word emerged that Reid interviewed Brad Childress for some sort of position on the Chiefs staff.

But then nothing happened. It's now over a month later and we haven't heard any more about Childress joining the Chiefs staff.

We're starting to put together the picture of what's going on. This tweet from Adam Teicher on January 11 seems to foreshadow the possible situation:

Then over the weekend came this from Dan Pompei of National Football Post:

Brad Childress still is expected to join Andy Reid's staff in Kansas City as a senior assistant. What's the holdup? He still has not been fired as offensive coordinator of the Browns. But he isn't working for them, either. Seems to be just a matter of time. Perhaps a little byplay between Joe Banner and Reid is at work.

So, I can't say I know exactly what's going on there. Reid and Banner do have a history together from their time in Philly.

The end result, which we really care about, appears to still be on track, which is Childress joining the Chiefs.

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