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This wonderful story about a homeless man returning a woman's engagement ring hides the real story

Talk about burying the lede! A KCTV-5 story on a woman retrieving her engagement ring from a homeless man is just a cover for the real story.

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

KCTV-5 ran a charming story about a woman who gave change to a homeless man on the Plaza only to later realize she accidentally dropped her big engagement ring in there. The woman returned to the Plaza the next day to try and recover it and wouldn't you know the homeless man, Billy Ray Harris, who is a fixture in the Plaza homeless community, still had the engagement ring. He returned the ring, she gave him some cash and a wonderful story was waiting to be made. The story went national, landing on the front page of Yahoo! and even CNN.

That is until a KCTV-5 reporter talked with Harris, the homeless man, who provided the REAL story in this report. Read on below from KCTV-5, who included this goldmine at the bottom of their report:

Harris had lots of great lost and found stories to tell, including one that happened, a long time ago, during a Chiefs-Raiders game. There was a retired Raiders player in The Plaza with his friends. They'd been drinking, and he jumped into Brush Creek, that runs alongside the entertainment district. The retired player got out and told everyone he lost his Super Bowl ring in the creek. Harris found it, later, on the pavement here. He walked all the way over to the Intercontinental Hotel, where he figured they were staying, told the desk clerk and got it back to its owner. He got a generous reward that time and a three-night stay in the Rafael Hotel.

Several reactions:


2. I love that a homeless man is cited by KCTV-5 discussing a Super Bowl winning Raider who got so drunk he jumped in Brush Creek.

3. It's actually the Raphael Hotel, not Rafael. I know that because I took Ms. Primetime to the restaurant there, Chaz, coincidentally, for our engagement dinner. They had little potato balls with butter mixed in that were to die for. I highly recommend it.

4. Who was that drunk Raider? The only clues we have are that he retired "a long time ago" and that he won a Super Bowl. If a homeless man recognized him, you'd think it'd have to be a fairly famous player.

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