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How does Kansas City Chiefs GM John Dorsey compare?

ESPN's Andrew Brandt spent time in Green Bay which is where Andy Reid and John Dorsey are coming from. He talks to The Big Show on 610 Sports this week about Reid, Dorsey and how they'll work together in Kansas City. Brandt had an interesting take when asked about the three executives who have come out of Green Bay recently -- John Schneider (Seattle GM), Reggie McKenzie (Raiders GM) and then of course John Dorsey, the Chiefs GM. Listen to the interview here.


"All three guys have their own little take on things.

"You've got Reggie out in Oakland. Reggie is a very deliberate and smart evaluator who is going to take his time and I believe he has that in Oakland where they'll allow him to develop things on a slower basis.

"John Schneider is a more aggressive guy up in Seattle who is going to take a lot of chances and see how they work out. He'll bring in a T.O. for training camp like he did last year. He'll go that way just to see who beats out who.

"I think John Dorsey has some of both of that.

"The main thing they'll take from Green Bay, all of them, is you have to draft and develop. You can use free agency for filling in holes, creating opportunities for bringing in someone to challenge someone else as long as you don't pay too much.

"But the bread and butter of teams is drafting players that provides this infrastructure for your team when your stars are hurt, or they move on because the money's too big or they get older in age and you just keep having that pipeline, which is what John is going to do."

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