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Geno Smith speaks: 2013 NFL Draft, the Chiefs and more

The 11-12:00 hour on 610 Sports was filled with yours truly. The 12:30 guest was a little better. OK a LOT better. Geno Smith joined the Danny Parkins show talking about the 2013 NFL Draft, skipping the Senior Bowl, attending the Combine, his reaction to Mel Kiper, whether he wants to be the No. 1 overall pick and, of course, the Kansas City Chiefs. Below are a few highlights from the segment. Click here to listen to audio of the full interview.

Patrick McDermott

Skipping the Senior Bowl

Geno said he was "held back" from the Senior Bowl. He wanted to go there and play to "shut everyone up".

The Combine

"Honestly, it's just a matter of me getting out and competing and being able to show scouts and coaches what I can do. Obviously it's in shorts and it's only a little bit of who I am as a player but it's still good to allow them to see me throw in live action and against other quarterbacks and they'll be able to kind of judge me based on what they think. It's good to be able to compete."

"The Combine is the perfect opportunity for me to go out there and allow the scouts, coaches and GMs to see who I am physically as an athlete but also mentally in the interview process."

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Does he consider himself the best quarterback in this class?

"Yes I do. No disrespect to anyone but I consider myself to be one of the best at what I do."

"I'm not a guy who's cocky or over the top with it. I'm very humble guy, quiet and keep to myself. But when it comes to football this is something that I love to do and quite honestly, I want to be the best at it."

Mel Kiper says he's not going No. 1. What is he missing?

"I don't know what they're missing. I can't speak for anyone but myself. Honestly that's something that hurts to hear that because of the work that I put in. They evaluate and do their scouting reports just as anyone else does, a fan of the game does. Quite honestly that makes no difference as to what my career will be. Aaron Rodgers was picked later on in the draft, Tom Brady went in the 7th round, if anyone had a perfect formula then obviously those guys would've been higher. That's really all it comes down to.

"My goal is to be picked No. 1 overall but at the same time wherever I get picked I'm going to come in with the same mentality and the same goals in mind. I'm not really worried about what anyone says because everyone has an opinion and I respect that. When I hear him say that it's kind of a bit of added motivation for me just because of how competitive I am, once again, but it doesn't rub me in any particular way at all."

Has anyone from the Geno camp talked to the Chiefs?

"That's something that we'll keep under wraps. I haven't spoken to anyone in the NFL as far as scouts and GMs go but I'm pretty sure my guys are doing their jobs and getting in there with them."

What does he say to those who say he's a system quarterback?

"It doesn't make me feel any particular way. I played in three different systems in college. I've played in a pro style, I've also played in some of the old Rich Rodriguez stuff with the read option and then I was in as of recent the spread shotgun offense in Dana Holgorsen's system.

"I feel like that's one of the systems that is transitioning to the NFL, all of those. You can see teams mixing up the variety of packages because defenses are getting so good at recognizing the plays you have to give them different looks and be able to have versatile players and even a versatile quarterback. You can see with teams like Seattle with Russell Wilson and Kaepernick in San Fran, guys who can do it all. Even guys who are pocket quarterbacks still have the ability to mix up the looks and do play action and move in the pocket at times. There are different ways to go about it but I feel like with the systems I've played in I have the ability to adapt and I've put in the work to be great which is most important."

Full audio of the interview on 610 Sports is here.

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