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Chiefs GM: 'Matt Cassel has demonstrated the skill to play in the NFL'

Will Matt Cassel be the Kansas City Chiefs starting quarterback in 2013? Only time will tell but that didn't stop the guys at NFL Network from asking John Dorsey that very question on NFL AM Wednesday morning. Read on for what Dorsey had to say.


Kansas City Chiefs GM John Dorsey told the folks at NFL Network that the Chiefs free agency and 2013 NFL Draft plans were coming together. The free agency plan, in particular, should be ready by next week's NFL Combine.

There's also the issue of the Chiefs own players, including Matt Cassel, who his due over $7 million in 2013. The popular prediction is that Cassel will not be back but we haven't gotten any indication from the Chiefs brass on what will happen there.

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If you're into reading into things, here's what Dorsey said on NFL Network when asked about Cassel:

"I think Matt Cassel has demonstrated the skill to play in the National Football League."

That's it. That's what he said.

Good luck reading into that.

As for the quarterbacks in the 2013 NFL Draft, Dorsey was asked if there's a quarterback at No. 1 the Chiefs could take.

"You may think I'm dodging the answer," Dorsey began ... before dodging the answer, "but we truly aren't going to get to the quarterbacks in our draft meeting and look at them entirely until Friday or Saturday of this week so I really can't give you a concrete answer on that."

So we wait. Again.

See video of the interview here.

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