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Chiefs' Andy Reid prepares for the 'finest football players' in the country at the NFL Combine

The 2013 NFL Combine in Indianapolis, which starts next week, will be Andy Reid's first as the Kansas City Chiefs head coach. The Chiefs sent out a message to season ticket holders (which a season ticket holder @Chief_Wildcat kindly passed onto me) with a video from Reid where he talked about the NFL Combine. Here's what Reid said about the NFL Combine.

Joe Robbins

"It's a little bit like the cattle yards, the stockyards. All the players come in throughout the country, the finest football players in college football.

"You put them through a physical, which is extensive now, you know. They take you from your toes all the way to the top of your head. They're going to evalute you and find every little thing wrong with you and make sure they examine it.

"The next phase is they do an actual work out. So you take them out on a field, just like we're standing on out here, in Indianapolis where the Colts play. You put them through a phase of different exercises and it's all filmed. You go through and watch them and make an evaluation.

"It's this gear right here with shorts on and shoes. There's no helmets or pads so you don't get to see them hit but you do get to see them move around."

Luckily for you it will all be filmed by NFL Network. Exciting stuff, huh?

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